Hilton Austin

Address: 500 E 4th St
Phone: (512) 482-8000
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  • SPIN

    Couldnt spring for a hotel downtown? The Hilton lobby can be your new de facto crash pad. But shhh, the prime real estate goes quick. Rumor has it they won't even try to kick you out!
  • Talisa Chang

    The site of the infamous SXSWi backstroke competition. Dens is confident in a win this year.
  • naveen

    crash a party in one of the penthouse apartments. (entrance behind the lobby)
  • Ben Malbon

    When considering purchasing coffee, allow up to 2 weeks to stand in line
  • @iamkhayyam

    One dead hooker and you think it's the end of the world?! Wish I could stay here this year. Oh well... hotel lobby!!
  • Austin360Hotspots Texas

    Great Breakfast Buffet at reasonable price at the Liberty Tavern.
  • IFC

    Need a nice, quiet place to get away from it all? This is definitely it during SXSW!
  • Adam Duritz

    Don't jump in the pool with your clothes on here. Pisses off the staff.
  • Nate Westheimer

    Get free wifi in the Starbucks of the Hilton lobby.
  • Glenda B ??

    Have a 48-hour romance with the primary singer-songwriter of a band. Inadvertently get his management mad at him, causing a dis-band and for him to make the decision to move to your hometown after SX.
  • Jay Goldman

    We might be drunk.
  • Heather Capri Buna

    Sneak into the mens room in the lobby. Dry hands with the amazing Dyson Airblade hand dryer! Realize afterwards that there is one in the womens room, too.
  • Austin American-Statesman

    Austins convention hotel is among the finest that Hilton has to offer. It buzzes during the South by Southwest Festival and for dozens of other conventions and festivals year-round.
  • Jeff Slobotski

    Wait until 2:30am and there's bound to be pizza showing up soon...
  • Sarah Wulfeck

    Sometimes the wifi is bad. Especially during SXSW.
  • Curt Simon Harlinghausen

    Waiting in the cue. Check out the restrooms in the upper level, Pascal ;-)
  • Adam Duritz

    Nice hotel. Nice staff. Wifi was really slow but I imagine it's just the result of an entire hotel filled w/an unusually high concentration of people up/downloading high bandwidth tech & music files.
  • kmeelyon nolastname

    Don't not walk throught the bar no matter how tired you are. You're sure to run into 5-20 friends on your last cruise through before bed.
  • Grant Shellen

    Try the beds. They're great for sleeping.
  • Joy Hays

    If you are here for SXSW, forget sandwiches. Head to the bar and grab some cold duck green tea soba for $10!
  • Bill Liu

    The tip from last year "Sometimes the wifi is bad. Especially during SXSW" is still valid. Long live SXSW!
  • Saul Colt

    Keep you're eyes peeled for @saulcolt in the @freshbooks jacket. Ask for a hug, kiss, dirty joke...or all three.
  • Melissa Hess

    ask the concierge for COMP PASSES to Speakeasy
  • Melonie Gallegos

    Have lunch at Moonshine Grill try the lemonade and shrimp corndogs. At night At night take a body shot at Coyote Ugly. Both 2block radius.
  • Jessamyn W

    Hit the stairs when you get out of the upstairs panels and you'll be outside in 30 seconds flat, no waiting for slow escalators. Plus stairwells are empty and quiet.
  • Tony S

    Take the airport flyer to downtown for $1 instead of renting a car and paying $30/day for parking. And walk a block north to convenience store to buy cheap beverages and beer. I just saved you $150+
  • ScioniQCity

    Raise your City iQ: Free wifi at Starbucks, a great sushi restaurant downstairs, and swimming pool known to host secret late night swimming contests.
  • Jeff Willinger

    Find @jwillie and talk social computing and SharePoint.
  • TODAY Show

    Don't head to your SXSW panels on an empty stomach! Swing by the TODAY Munchie Mobile for some free breakfast. Details here: http://goo.gl/abUhI #TODAYSXSW
  • DJ Latin Prince ? ?

    One of the best hotel to stay while visiting Austin!! Check on-line for deals in their rooms!
  • Jenna Wortham ?

    Protip: keep an eye out for bowls of free gummi bears and roasted almonds! #snackattack!
  • Suzanne Salas

    You have to pay to use cardio machines. Utterly ridiculous. It's Austin, not Vegas people.
  • Bradley Scalio

    Use the wired internet connection in your room, it's free .. the WiFi is $15/day and device dependent .. the hotel restaurants are good, the American Grill is simple and usually empty, gym is ok/free
  • Jonathan Dupree

    Tipping is not a city in china! @ least that's what the bellman told me. ;)
  • AdventureGirl Stef

    Make sure u book the exec levels free breakfast and happy hour snacks too!
  • Steve F.

    Don't believe the hype.
  • Cassandra DeBakey

    Best bar to go to in Austin: Lucky Lounge 209A west 5th street
  • Suzanne Salas

    Quesadillas from room service are awesome
  • Kent Georgi

    Use the free wifi near the pool/spa and enjoy a great texas mojito
  • Dacy Jackson

    run naked through the lobby
  • Sarah Dopp

    Recharging.... in all senses of the word.
  • Scott Case

    Ask Matt French how many drinks he spilled last night...
  • Ryan

    Get a room already!
  • Simon Doggett

    Walk a few blocks east and get coffee.
  • Ryan Urias

    Glad to have SXSW back at the Hilton Austin! The sea bass at the Finn & Porter is awesome, it's my favorite. Also, if you need help go see the staff at the front desk, they are really nice. Cheers!
  • @DowntownRob Marlbrough

    Get to know the folks running the driveway, they'll give you rides in the hotel's Suburban ;-)
  • Rob Blatt

    record push my follow at 12:30
  • ? Deon Parcon

    Looking for a best stay? Hilton is right for the deal
  • Mac

    Try the taxi line!
  • Nicole Torres-Cooke

    Great bar area and lots of open spaces in the lobby for an impromptu meeting.
  • Scion Advisor

    You cant get much closer to 6th Street or the convention center. Make a point to try the fresh, delicious sushi at Finn & Porter downstairs.

  • Rick Chadwick

    Great pool and hot tub. The elevator dings on each floor. The voice at the Self Parking sounds like Natasha. Keel moose and squirrel then take your ticket.
  • Daniel Latorre

    Need a chill place to work? Go to the 8th floor Tower Spa, grab a club chair and work away in peace.
  • Britton Green

    Make sure to ask for a corner room or a north view room. Stay away from east view rooms.
  • Jeff Rider

    1)Find Pool 2) Get Bloody Mary 3) Chill.
  • manuel

    Get to the gym before 7AM if you like to work out in peace
  • Frank Lizzadro

    Every time I stay here, I've noticed each room has a different tv. One thing is consistent however, room service ALWAYS fucks up my order.
  • Doneisha Ford

    Good Cosmos in the Loft
  • Will

    May want to try a lake view. My room view was towards the capitol and it's a depressing view of surface parking lots. Hotel staff is nice!
  • Frank Lizzadro

    I had better wifi in 1987.
  • Ryan

    Head up to the condos for some real peace and quiet during the SXSW mayhem.
  • Kyle S.

    Very comfortable chairs to catch up on nibletz, the voice of startups everywhere else #sxsw coverage here http://nibletz.com/category/sxsw13/
  • Shai Boyd

    There's a really great spa at this Hilton!!
  • Frank Lizzadro

    Woke up feeling like I was kicked in the ribs and back. The bed was terrible.
  • Renaud Edouard-Baraud

    Pour suivre le SxSW, rendez-vous sur http://www.frenchxsw.com : quand la communaut francophone rencontre le South by South West
  • Sarah Davis

    If you're name starts w a J come to the Alcatel-Lucent Trend Lounge so I can win a prize!
  • jessica lauria

    Try the donuts
  • Sarah Jayne Anderson

    Cassandra is an outstandingly friendly reception desk attendant.
  • Tofu De la Moore

    Your Mama don't dance and Daddy don't rock n' roll!
  • Dena Day

    See the sunset at the Oasis at Lake Travis.
  • Ray Mousavi

    Don't go to the bar after 1am cuz its closed even though the hours of operation is 2 a.m. The excuse it wasn't busy enough. Lame
  • Frank ? Valletutti

    Wall to wall geeks depending on the time of year you happen to stay here.
  • Gregory Goodin

    Great location downtown with a nice staff. Starbucks and restaurant/bar in the lobby.
  • Ian F

    do not take a town car to the airport. it's $45 per person apparently
  • Derek Steen

    Do some frolicking in the lobby and/or on the 3rd floor (above the lobby). You'll make frolicking friends really quickly! :D
  • Caden Burross

    Call for a pedicab...512-293-6463
  • Jonathon Sellers

    Loved the Stash IPA on tap
  • Laura Scott

    Great place to have a boring meeting
  • Ryan

    This is not your average Hilton. This is a fantastic property that connects to the convention center, has sporting events (boxing) on-site, and has condo's on the top floors. Sit at the bar and have
  • Sarah Schupp

    Awesome Tortilla Soup via room service.
  • Brian E

    Take a break from talks and chill at the bar..
  • Robert Mclaughlin

    Very very nice hotel. No water spots or anything bad at all. Very classy.
  • Michael Jones

    Not to mention, everyone else is moving along with no issue... #hilton #hiltonAustin still no room!!!
  • Michael Jones

    Dear Hilton Austin, got here at 130, still no room at 310. I booked using honors points. Why must I go through this?
  • manuel

    03 numbered rooms have great city views
  • @palmerlaw

    8th floor - Great gym facilities with Precor brand equipment! Pool (with bar and hot tub) is nice but typically small as downtown hotel pools often are.
  • Christian B.

    If the concierge isn't around, ask the staff at the bell stand about nearby places.
  • Scott Harbison

    Awesome hotel. Very close to 6th street.
  • Dana Keck

    Don't ever stay here if the pool isn't open! They suggested us to go to the springs (FYI they said pool and were not from here) it was awful and we didn't bring towels!!! Customer service poor
  • Chris Gilbert

    DO NOT VALET!!! It would be difficult for the valet to be any slower!
  • abel

    That place was HUGE! I can see how it can get crazy during SXSW
  • Sarah A.

    Plentiful parking on the street during the weekend. Free overnight and you can add meter time for the next day!
  • Carlos Correia

    hotel muito famoso, no a toa que dos melhores de Austin
  • Michael Sos

    Great place to watch keynote on big screens...rather than fight traffic in main hall.
  • Anne Mai Bertelsen

    Fab dirty martini with #titos thanks to Tammy!
  • Stephan Alber

    Don't wait 20min to get a coffee in the lobby, just take the escalates - no line $3 Starbucks coffee
  • Rockwell Hunter

    Worst parking deck ever.
  • Crystal

    The staff here ROCK!!!!
  • Ashley Jansen

    Great room service. They actual have really good food.
  • Sharelle Lowery

    The Whoopie Pies for $3 bucks are a total RIP OFF!
  • Sharelle Lowery

    The Zin is Delish!
  • Sarah Marks

    The valet guys are so sweet. I always enjoy working with them.
  • Ian-tot Contreras

    Try the pork shank in liberty tavern! :D
  • Aldwin Calima

    their breakfast on concierge level is subpar. nothing hot.
  • CallingAllTypes

    Central Texas Art of Giving Gala Date: Saturday, September 22, 2012 Time: 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM Address: 500 East 4th Street 6th Floor Austin, TX 78701
  • Rebecca Arnold

    Pool- get early for the best seats!
  • Amanda Y

    Convenient location and accommodating & friendly staff.
  • Paul Klein

    Watching paint dry, grass grow, and waiting for these elevators all require the same level of patience.
  • @TheMayorPete

    3am. hilton lobby during sxsw. you are welcome. @themayorpete
  • @cfnoble

    #coffee Standing in the Crazyass coffee line in the Hilton Lobby? There's a Jo's across the street in the conv ctr. No line, better coffee. What part is unclear?
  • freecreditscore.com

    Cheese plates welcome!
  • Brian T.

    Drink for sure... Drunk *
  • Sander Hofstede

    Play footballmeister.com during your stay
  • Chris Hinton

    Bring your own chair because this place is full.
  • Thor Prichard

    Looking for just coffee/tea? Head upstairs to avoid the line in the lobby while at SXSW.
  • Mr. S h a h A l i a s

    my 250 badges ! ((:
  • Paul Chang

    How to unlock Too Cool for School badge? I try several place with event cant unlock?
  • Room 77

    Keep it cool with a dip in the rooftop pool. (Psst: it has sweet skyline view and a tiki bar!)
  • Fred Lybrand

    Being your patience; the elevators and parking are good for only 1/3 occupancy.
  • Paris W.

    Domingo in security = great customer service!
  • Charlie Riley

    Check out the Health Club on the 8th floor. One of the best hotel workout areas and the pool is great
  • Schalitda Strong

    Unfortunately, to get a package delivered to yourself at this hotel will cost you minimum $5.00...
  • iflycoach

    UPS/FedEx shipping onsite.
  • Chris 'Spike' Smith

    SXSW peeps: enough! People DO come to Austin other times of the year!
  • Charles Xavier

    The XX01 and 02 rooms are on the corner and have the best view of ATX. Reserve them if you can.
  • Tim Capps

    Worst stay I have ever had. Parking costs were understated, security had to called three times to shut down a party at 3 am... and the room was got. Will not go back!
  • William Grady

    The free WiFi in the lobby is terrible. It is not you or your device. Weak signal.
  • Scott

    13.99 for internet in the rooms. But free wifi in the coffee shop in the lobby! Great location to stay if you want music venues bars and comedy nearby
  • C21

    Room Service Badge get =SXSW2011=
  • megan

    very nice gym, but it's $5/day! also internet in the rooms doesn't work during sxsw!!
  • Willy Manopo

    Welcome, TEXAS ;)
  • ALL In Learning

    Going to TCEA 2011? Stop by the ALL In Learning booth and ask about "Tap It, Click It, Scan It". You might even win an iPod Touch or iPad!
  • Kat Hargrove

    Badass valet boys!!!! Helped me so much.
  • Ryan

    Meet somebody in the lobby bar who lives in the condos. Hope they have a penthouse. Get invited back to a rooftop hot tub on the Hilton.
  • Ryan Tinker

    Moonshine for great food.
  • grimsel

    hmm, just another link to just another spot in the LBS wars but i know you love to see live! uploaded qik video's ,photo's , grouping, tripping and commenting going on. So, ... check it out/in:
  • WayneNH

    No power avail in salon H.
  • Henry Halff

    Don't leave your wallet in your room here. The staff have light fingers.
  • Danielle Ricks

    Banana Nut French Toast is GREAT but be careful ordering a cup of coffee. They sent up a whole pot. What's up with that?
  • Dee Gardner

    @dmgsouth on Twitter
  • Joel Krauska

    Nerd out at NANOG 48
  • Sarah Schupp

    Big trucks (over 6'1) will not fit in Hikton garage ($18/day).
  • Jesus Zamorano

    had a yummy fruit salad at the coffee bar downstairs..
  • John Baikie

    Salon B - Version Control
  • marc brown

    went to bed. see you tomorrow.
  • Brian ONeill

    About to head out to see Anton's talk
  • Jay Goldman

    Hanging in the room with @spangley and @ryanmcminn, getting a little work done.
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