Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS)

Address: 3600 Presidential Blvd
Phone: (512) 530-2242
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 404082


  • Baratunde

    Get downtown in 17 mins for just $1. Take the Cap Metro airport flyer bus #100. stop is at the front of passenger pickup
  • Clare Meyers

    Try any of the food options- most are local Austin/Texas chains that you can't get in other cities!
  • Baratunde

    New Yorkers, your uniform of all black, heavy on the leather and sarcasm isn't needed here. Smile and wear something bright
  • David Berkowitz

    Get out of the airport and into austin already!
  • ecomagination

    ABI's eco cred runs deep: the airport was converted from a former Air Force base, has solar panels that also provide shade for taxis & has reduced energy consumption to 2.5 kWh per passenger
  • Lynn Ellison

    When your belongings come out of the scanner at TSA, move all the way down to the end of the belt. That way, youi'll make room for everyone behind you.
  • ECava

    Departing? Look for the little Salt Lick BBQ taco stand before gates 1-10.
  • Charles Edge

    Any airport that plays country is fine by me!
  • ATX Followers

    Welcome to the greatest city in the world!
  • Isaiah Reyes

    Bags fly free on Southwest Air
  • sam lessin

    land, find taxi
  • Michael Cot

    avoid the weird breakfast pizza at Mangia's at all costs. Get an overpriced breakfast taco at the Salt Lick stand next to the music stage.
  • The Most Interesting Man in the World

    I was asked several times to test drive the Concorde, but always had a conflict.
  • AustinPixels

    Welcome to the best city in Texas!
  • Big Red

    Welcome to Austin! Don't leave TX without having some BBQ and a Big Red.
  • @iamkhayyam

    If you see me this year, please stop and say hi, I'll give you $20 :)
  • NPR

    Welcome to Austin! If you want to listen to the local NPR station, turn your dial to FM 90.5 (KUT) or 89.5 (KMFA). Enjoy your trip.
  • Eater

    Top Dining Options: Salt Lick Barbecue & Maudie's, West Terminal, Gate 12; Nuevo Leon & Waterloo Ice House, East Terminal, Gate 7; Saxon Pub, East Concourse, Gate 5.
  • Dilara Sultan

    smaller than you'd think.
  • schneidermike schneidermike

    Keep Austin wierd!
  • Telca Porras

    If you plan to fly out of ABIA on a Monday, add an extra half hour to 45 minutes to your one-hour-prioir arrival at check-in/security. Full extra hour if you're checking bags. Mondays are quite busy!
  • Galyna ?

    Welcome to Austin, - hipster city. Just keep it weird as it is.
  • Jenny Smercina

    Salt Lick breakfast tacos = totally worth it! Yum!!
  • Baratunde

    Welcome to Geeknik!
  • AD Nys

    Taking your FuelBand off for TSA #counts
  • Paul O'Brien

    Get to the lake and you'll never want to leave Austin
  • Brenden Mulligan

    The majestic unicorn rides at night but only is seen by those who sleep no more.
  • kev/null

    Austin Bergstrom only allows local businesses. That's why you won't find a Starbucks or McDonald's. Try Salt Lick or Amy's Ice Cream.
  • dannysullivan

    Get last minute BBQ from Salt Lick off Gate 12
  • meghan keane

    Get some tacos at The Salt Lick. Buy some BBQ sauce. Get some ice cream at Amy's. Try to forget you're in an airport.
  • Kay Marley-Dilworth

    Love that so many local restaurants are represented here!
  • reece pacheco

    don't feed the goats ;)
  • Justin Hospie

    Security tip: shoes on the conveyor first(so you can put them back on while you wait) , then laptop in a bin, then your laptop bag then carry on...keep it moving!
  • Marton Varo

    Take advantage of the comfy seats with the outlets. Now if only wi-fi was free ...
  • Ahmad Bilal

    One of the best airports in the country. BBQ, ice cream, bookstore, record shop. All local fixtures. Easy to love the airport!!
  • molly steenson

    all the businesses here are local--so get some barbecue when you arrive from the airport's salt lick outpost!
  • David J. Neff

    Get a new approved laptop bag for 2010. They say "checkpoint friendly" on them in green. I flew through.
  • Amanda Cosby

    Gotta eat at Salt lick if u have time. It`s great. Especially the stuffed baked potato!
  • Glenn D. Banton, Sr.

    No Starbucks - major shame
  • Lala

    try an get an early flight out, staff is pretty quick and lines aren't so long (at least not right now anyway...6am)
  • Katie Kaga

    Salt Lick! Salt Lick!!!!
  • iHeartRadio

    Check out our newest station in Austin: 103.1 iHeart Austin for SXSW music and news. Download our app for free to listen to this station, your choice of over 1,500 live or create a custom station!
  • Michael Osborne

    They're not kidding - bags always take long here. Enjoy! You're in Austin afterall. ;)
  • Jennifer Yu

    So glad there aren't any fast food chains or Starbucks here. Austin keeps it real. Austin Java, Amy's and Saltlick ftw
  • Benedict Corpuz

    No matter what airline your fly, make sure you're at the gate 45 minutes to an hour prior to departure. Doors close 10 minutes prior to departure. Airplanes don't wait for you, YOU wait for airplanes.
  • Avner Ronen

    Come visit us at the Boxee RV (if you're here Friday - 5pm @boxee vs. Mark Cuban. Should be fun)
  • David Hauser

    Salt Licks is amazing for BBQ and then have some Amy's Ice Cream for desert.
  • Josh Rosenberg

    Salt lick bfast tacos a must if you're flying in the am
  • Caleb Marsh

  • Stephen Wolfson

    I hope this airport stays small, because right now it's quick, quiet, clean, and pleasant
  • Jenny Taylor

    For a good bite, check out the food area by Gate 12 - serving up food from Austin's best local eateries: Maudie's, The Salt Lick, and Amy's Ice Creams.
  • Carla Young

    So quick and easy with decent food options. One of my favourite airports by far!
  • Anna Hanks

    No free Wifi at the airport:( ...but get an ice cream at Amy's!
  • Amber Nelson

    Don't expect the food places inside to be open after 7pm. Eating M&Ms for dinner and I'm pissed.
  • Madelyn Varella

    ABIA is a local-only airport, meaning no starbucks or mcdonalds. Try maudies for breakfast tacos (2 for 3.50,not bad) and salt lick BBQ for about anything else!
  • Nicky Digital

    Take a flight to somewhere you gotta go!
  • Andre McKay

    Salt Lick is the best food in the house, it's a must have before and after a flight
  • Hermes Camacho

    Running late? No worries! Flown in and out o Austin many times, never needed to be there sooner than an hour before my flight, even during thanksgiving.
  • Peter Kim

    Stay away from Nuevo Leon. Food tastes thawed and microwaved.
  • Owen Stone

    Here for SXSW... Get gum and or breath mints! You will be talking to a lot of stankmouth is no good!
  • Justin Hospie

    Fast Park...cheaper than ABIA parking, and they drop you off at your car, free bottle of water and a paper!
  • Paul Hennessy

    if youre going downtown from the airport, dont take a cab- take the bus. it's only $1.
  • AD Nys

    Get back to AUS from downtown in 20 mins for $1. Catch the Cap Metro airport flyer bus #100 on 7th. just east of Congressconveniently neat the Driskill Hotel bar handy during a 45min bus wait.
  • Dave Kerpen

    Drink a lot water and pace yourself at sxsw. And party!!!
  • Nick McGlynn

    When picking up friends in a black Chevy Tahoe, don't pick up any strangers, they will think your a taxi.
  • Katy Roth

    try the new nerd bird on Alaska Airlines instead of American
  • Allison Buchanan

    Salt Lick taco stand just past security has a great pulled pork taco. Love that they feature local favs instead of std airport food!
  • Jen Bekman

    Security is bazonkers during SXSW; give yourself extra time, even for a crack-of-dawn departure.
  • Paul Trowe

    Don't get caught using your phone on the plane!
  • Brady Smith

    Need a taxi? hippest Taxi in atx 1-512-552-8688 J. Bond - he's a SXSW favorite!
  • Price

    Simultaneously the source of great happiness when you land, and crippling sorrow when you leave. At least the food rocks.
  • Eliza Nguyen

    Get around the city with Uber pedicabs this Sxsw :)
  • Cruce Saunders

    The migas at Maudies near Gate 12 make an excellent breakfast if you've got time for them to make it fresh.
  • Andy Keil

    Fly somewhere?
  • Ann Marie B

    There is always live music in this airport! Make sure to grab some local beer & food before your flight. It's a small airport with a big personality. :)
  • chris

    don't say "goatbomb" on an airplane
  • Lars Plougmann

    Salt Lick now does breakfast tacos. Go for egg and sausage.
  • Anna Frenkel

    exit the building and make a right to find front of taxi line
  • Susan Scrupski

    Waterloo is more like gate 7. Usually a line too.
  • Dave Freeman

    Maudie's breakfast tacos are very tasty. Grab 2 to go for $3.50.
  • Digital Somethings

    Don't forget to pick up a trinket for your loved ones. Nothing says 'I love you' better than 'Everything's Bigger In Texas' boxers!
  • Peter Kim

    Reasonably healthy eats at Annie's, between gates 19 & 20. Unreasonable prices though.
  • Greg Matthews

    The main security line now has a TSA Pre-check gate. Pay the $100 for Global Entry and skip even the premium line.
  • Sue Black

    Buy your presents before you get here
  • Adam Mordecai

    Please mess with Texas.
  • Gahlord Dewald

    Safe travels, everyone!
  • ScioniQCity

    Raise your City iQ: Dallas-Fort Worth is the most popular destination out of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.
  • Fernando Labastida

    Visitors to Austin: you'll notice we have no major chains as food vendors here - its all local. Try Salt Lick BBQ, Maudie's, Schlotzky's etc
  • Mike Langford

    Welcome to Austin #NerdBird passengers! If @JeffCutler was on your plane I likely need a drink. Drop your bags off at your hotel head on down to the Gingerman.
  • Damion White

    If you're coming in for SXSWi make sure you take a peek at the Scarborough building - the site of last year's Apple Pop-up store.
  • Andrew Lark

    Never check bags. Retrieving them just takes too long
  • Dhani Jones

    Get here 3 hrs early. If you sneak the line watch out...
  • Leah Ritter

    Don't be rude to the agents! You could get arrested!
  • Kira Wampler

    Try the breakfast taco at the Salt Lick Taco Bar
  • Jennifer Stafford

    Definitely grab some bbq at salt lick
  • Lynn Ellison

    Knot Anymore near gate 13 provides excellent chair massages.
  • Bob Timm

    Want a taste of Austin? Eat at salt lick. Its swell.
  • Gina Greenspan

    Best food in AUS airport is Salt Lick or Schlotzkys. Stear clear of wok n roll unless you like indigestion on planes

    Take deep breaths
  • David J. Neff

    Oh man! They separated the TSA and Premium lines. Expect a long wait if you are not TSA pre-check! #firstworldproblems
  • Jay Thompson

    Winner, "best live music in an airport" category.
  • Corie Johnson

    Go home and sleep.
  • Ching Yu

    Pull out your iPad and wait for your flight connection.
  • Brently G

    Love that all the food choices are locally from Austin!
  • Scion Advisor

    Enjoy live music while eating some of the best BBQ from Salt Lick. If you have time, top it off with a delectable scoop from Amy's Ice Creams, renowned for their staffs ice cream acrobatics.
  • Vadim Lavrusik

    Get the pulled pork sandwich at Salt Lick for some delicious bbq before your trip back.
  • Rey M

    Southwest flight 420 to Denver. Crappy Boingo $9/day wireless. Take the airport bus to and from downtown only $1.
  • Mike Boudreaux

    Arrive VERY early on Monday mornings if your flight is before 8AM. The lines through security are really long. Get there an hour early.
  • Chris Guldi

    if you are at the restaurant in the middle of the airport and there is a bad you can't hear any pages. There is alcohol so you can easily miss a flight
  • Brandon Kirchner

    Breakfast tacos across from gate 13. Makes 6am flights more managable
  • Gabbie

    Hit up the Salt Lick Taco bar by Austin Java when the restaurants aren't open yet in the AM. Avoid the bacon though...who likes bacon bits on a breakfast taco? Not I.
  • Carlee McConnell

    If you have a car2go membership, you can take the Parking Spot shuttle for free and pick up one of their car2go's to drive around Austin! Or drive one to the airport and leave it at the Parking Spot.
  • Dan Katz

    TSA will go to second base on the first date!
  • Craig Ball

    Finally! Austin has Pre at security. If you qualify, keep your shoes and belt on, leave everything inside your luggage--computers, too--and walk through the metal detector. Just like the old days.
  • Katrina Jrgensen

    Yeah everything closes at 8pm, so hope your flight isn't late.
  • Greg Swan

    Austin spelled backward is Nitsua.
  • Bijoy Goswami

    If you have a GOES card, you can use it to go through the premium security lines. $100 and valid for 5 years!
  • Great Veto

    Salt Lick brisket and egg breakfast tacos >>>>>>>
  • - Jeffrey Powers

    I like to take a picture from my seat on the plane. When it rains, I focus on the raindrops on the window.
  • AD Nys

    Airport BBQ is ok but resist the urge and head out into the sticks for the real deal. The longer the drive, the better it tastes.
  • Brenna S

    Nobody likes waiting in security lines, but the TSA agents here are friendliest in the US. Give em a smile!
  • sarah h

    salt lick barbecue is the best dining choice
  • Jason Ford

    The Waterloo breakfast tacos are hands down the best in the airport. Made fresh to order, and you get to pick your ingredients.
  • Evan[Bu]

    Welcome to Austin: The Iowa City of Texas!
  • Chris Stangland

    Read all the tips left here and remember that, in fact, we keep Austin in good working order the 51 non-SXSW weeks of year too.
  • Ryan Hand

    They have smart water in the shop by gate 10!
  • Chris Treadaway

    If you aren't planning to get barbecue in Austin (or didn't), go to The Salt Lick after you get through security.
  • Eric Gonzalez

    The security gate entrance on the southwest airlines side is usually less crowded
  • Monica Dowling

    You MUST try the salt lick if you are in ABIA. Its so so good. I LOVE the fact that all the food booths are local. Way to keep Austin weird :)
  • Joshua Baer

    Take a snapshot of your parking space and aisle with @evernote so you don't forget where you parked!
  • John Hull

    Grab some salt lick and amy's over cream before your flight
  • Tina Hui Tina Hui

    Get to Ray's Chuck Wagon and get 2 breakfast tacos. Yum!
  • Allen Weiner

    Headed back to AZ; great airport but it needs a cell phone lot
  • Jack Pattillo

    Amy's Ice Cream is the best. Try a hot fudge shake. It will blow your mind.
  • Jon Clegg

    b and c lots have the most frequent shuttles
  • Meredith Turney

    If you have a morning flight, arrive extra early. Security is crazy in the morning.
  • Jeff Willinger

    Great food. Great shopping. Nothing weird about that!
  • Rodrigo Moreno

    No free WiFi. No Starbucks. Boring.
  • Nicole Forbes

    The new checkpoint to the far left is Lickety-split!!
  • Zack Zamora

    Lol @ Salt Lick's mini breakfast taco for $3.29. Maudie's has 2 for $3.50 and they are bigger.
  • Brian K

    If you're friends are assholes, I'm not. You're welcome.
  • AJ Parker

    A good place to drop off your friends so they can get on airplanes
  • Cynthia Snuffleupagus

    Really small airport. No hassles. Line for security was almost non existent and the thoroughness of the people working security is refreshing.
  • chris chang

    Try the Dyson Airblades in the restrooms. Or don't. I'm not your mom.
  • Jediah Cummins

    Here for a few hours? Check out gate 1. It's downstairs at the east end of the terminal. It's quiet, full of seats, and has many outlets for you to recharge your devices!
  • Greg

    Flew through security thanks to Pre Check & CBT Trusted Traveler.
  • Marcos Piangers

    Naked juice!
  • Tammy Gordon

    If the Southwest TSA line is crazy, try the one by American. Usually one is mobbed during SXSW and the other is short.
  • Matteo Sarzana

    No delta Lounge? You must be kidding. #fail
  • a?I

    Unlocked Jetsetter Badge Here Level 3
  • Luis Mendoza

    Follow @southbyfreenoms while you're at SXSW for updates on all the free food and drinks!
  • Jason Edwards

    Ruta Maya is the best coffee in the airport. The rest tastes like lake water.
  • Avery Jenkins

    I'm leavin' on a Jet Plane, don't know when I'll be back again!!
  • Anthony Volodkin

    Opt out of microwave screening machine and slow down the line :)
  • Ryan Amirault

    Go through the security line to the far right. Always shorter than the one on the left.
  • Joshua Lipton

    Thank a Hipster for coming to SXSW.
  • Anneke Jong

    there are so many plugs at this airport. it's awesome -- the way of the future!
  • Chris McMeen

    Austin java for breakfest it sucks
  • ron j

    Two words: saltlick. Bbq. have some for breakfast. No one will judge you.
  • Adam Annen

    Salt Lick breakfast tacos are a must!
  • Jim @ Xikar TX - LA - OK - AR - KS - MO

    Salt lick pulled pork and egg breakfast tacos are great!
  • Evan[Bu]

    If you're looking for "Chicago-Style" pizza, be sure to hit up Mangia Pizza by Gate 12. If you're looking for "Chicago-Style" popcorn, I suggest that you catch the next flight to Chicago O'Hare...
  • illop

    Airplanes take you places.
  • ? Drew Brune

    Wi-Fi is pay-only. Boo.
  • Dimitry Ioffe

    SxSW 2011 - as you arrive please take a moment and bow in front of the Great and All Mighty 'SALT LICK' taco stand. Thank you and best regards! Carry on now.
  • Barry Lowenthal

    Crazy security lines. Get here early
  • Nic Werner

    Go to the Salt Lick and try the breakfast tacos!
  • Gary Sheehan

    Salt Lick sammiches are messy!
  • Daniel Stone

    Keep Austin weird.
  • Shawn Fogarty

    Don't bother trying to use 3G with AT&T here, it's worthless like at DKR. Better to pony up for wireless if you need internet
  • colin

    Flying any other airline that's not jet blue is just dumb.
  • Tony F

    Austin Java pretty good coffee, worth it.
  • Brad Fitzpatrick

    Meet your linemates. Have them hold your spot while you grab breakfast.
  • Keith Lunsford

    Bring a book, its gonna be a long wait.
  • Jill Woxland

    AT&T jammed at Austin airport. Smartphone users turn your 3g off and try it.
  • Shara Karasic

    Southwest is actually delaying takeoff of my flight to wait for more passengers to get through this AM's horrendous security line. Thanks Southwest!
  • Melanie D.

    Come early or stay late and savor local Austin flavor, music and shopping. Live music M-F on Ray Benson stage and more.
  • Katy Roth

    jetblue sfo-aus. nice.
  • Yeongsu Jeong

    Clean nice and automated restrooms :)
  • Kelly Swander

    Love the Hydration Stations!
  • Shannon Beeson

    Few seats. If you are fortunate to grab one, stay put. Otherwise, excellent airport in a town full of excitement and good ju-ju.
  • Adria Richards

    Try the Salt Lick taco bar near gate 10 for delicious brisket and breakfast tacos them grab a Bloody Mary
  • Daniel Rothschild

    Have your dad buy you an alpaca.
  • Galyna ?

    Texas: Where even lollipops are tough ;)
  • Blake Cottle

    Mauddies at gate 12 has great Mexican food
  • John Carbonaro

    Try the planes.
  • Mariah Hay

    Pack a lunch!! For such a foodie town, this airport has nothing to offer in the way of good food.
  • Austin Sports Arena

    Welcome to Austin Y'all.
  • Lovely Gettnit

    very nice Airport :)
  • Ian Greenleigh

    It's like the ghost of SRV threw up everywhere.
  • Michelle Hardy

    Take the Airport Flyer (100) to downtown for $1.00 (free for UT student/faculty w/pass). Pick-up is on lower level next to taxis. It will drop you off at 4th and Trinity (Austin Convention Center).
  • Tamara

    Very clean and bathrooms are surprisingly nice.
  • Stephanie Demetrion

    Make sure you bring your own bag or have room in your carry in if you plan on buying anything in this stupid airport. It costs you 11 cents I you want a bag even if you are buying a present. Crap!!!!!
  • Elaziel

    As an Austinite I love the city, but I wish this airport had more to offer. As a tourist city we should have a bigger airport with more diverse options and better facilities and parking lots.
  • Richard Harris

    Loafers people, loafers!!
  • Katia Weber

    Better than Miami...
  • Danh Hoang

    Get you a taco before you fly out.
  • Carlo S

    Take the $1 bus to downtown!
  • Toni Dunne

    Warning to travelers with pets... Only pet rest area is OUTSIDE security! Not too pet friendly here.
  • Erik Anderson

    TSA Pre-Check is now available art the middle checkpoint.
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