Whole Foods Market

Address: 525 N Lamar Blvd.
Phone: (512) 542-2200
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Category: Grocery Store
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  • Bon Appetit Magazine

    This 80,000-square-foot store is a site to behold. Sign up for cooking lessons; buy fresh Texas peaches, local Pure Luck Farm goat cheese, and Flat Creek Flat Creek Estate's "Super Texan" Sangiovese.
  • GOOD

    Home of the headquarters - support local growers and farmers!
  • Whole Foods Market

    Kick back with a coffee/smoothie/gelato and enjoy that people watching!
  • National Post

    The 80,000-square-foot flagship store includes a culinary centre for cooking classes and even its own bar, which serves wine on tap.
  • CultureMap Austin

    There's so much going on at Whole Foods, check out their website's calendar for specials and events you can't get anywhere else.
  • Ellen DeGeneres

    While you're here, you may as well pick me up a birthday gift. And if you do that, you'll have to come to my birthday show! Go to http://ellentv.com/birthdaytix/ & enter code ELLEN54 to win tickets!
  • Whole Foods Market

    We're famous for our fabulous samples. Ask any team member if there's anything you'd like to try!
  • Greg Raaum

    The best deal in the store is the 2 for $5 taco special at the taco bar. If that's not your thing, go for the beef brisket sandwich, avail. at back of store.
  • NAKID Social Sports in Austin

    Om nom nom!
  • Rolf

    Free wifi!
  • Eduard Matamoros

    when parking, be stupid or lazy. not both.
  • Whole Foods Market

    Visit the Health Starts Here Department to chat with one of our Healthy Eating Specialists and get tips on how to shop and eat healthily.
  • Rene Pinnell

    Buy stuff with money!
  • Sunil Khanna

    Two words - Breakfast Tacos!!!
  • Austin American-Statesman

    Anyone who visits Austin should see the Whole Foods flagship store. After all, it started here. All kinds of food, beer, natural beauty and health goods and tiny restaurants dot the headquarters.
  • Jordan Muela

    The pizza is so good! I would also try the sushi.
  • ecomagination

    Whole Food's 80,000 sq ft flagship store offers bike delivery to downtown Austin and personal shopping assistants. Check out what has been described as the Disneyland of grocery stores!
  • Do512

    Their vegan "chicken" salad is without a doubt, AMAZING. After getting your breakfast here during SXSW, stick around... there are awesome things going on! Check do512.com for details!
  • Craig Allen

    The Disneyland of grocery stores. Go for the food. Stay for the entertainment!
  • Homeless Bill

    I love this Whole Foods Market. It's hard to distinguish between the hipsters and the homeless.
  • Marc Yagjian

    beer alley is the place to get dark ale.
  • renee wahlheim

    was in awe my first time @Whole Foods in Austin! Spectacular
  • AustinPixels

    Get a Growler. As low as $6.99 for 64 ounces of Texas beer!!!
  • Michael Lynton

    Try a Big John cookie.
  • Marla Erwin

    Try the pistachio gelato at the gelato bar (between coffee and smoothie bars). Best ANYWHERE.
  • Austin 360

    The flagship store of this grocer has a convenient repair station should you experience a flat or other minor mishap on your bike. Grab a bite to eat or a drink once youve fixed your ride.
  • Chris Trew

    They have groceries here.
  • Dave Surgan

    Grab a breakfast burrito and check out all the prepared food. I hear the sushi is good too.
  • kimberly aguilera

    Grab a pair of Toms in the clothing section.
  • Julius Degesys

    Have a seat at the trattoria and get a huge plate of pasta and chicken with a glass of wine while you people watch.
  • Aaron Clay

    Go find a new lunch box and Whole foods downtown.
  • Rip Esselstyn

    the smoothie bar is awesome!
  • Jennifer

    One of the best places to find and buy beer in Austin. Plus, sample some new beers at the bar located right inside Whole Foods.
  • Michael Jones

    Can't beat their Italian Bistro!
  • ScioniQCity

    Raise your City iQ: The best view in town is on the back part of the roof, just past the playground. We encourage you to grab some food downstairs and catch a sunset over the city.
  • Margot Thornhill

    Get the BBQ - it's by the butcher counter. Also by the butcher counter, the chili/stew bar - get the cheese steak soup. It'd droolicious.
  • Kevin Burck

    Be sure to check in at HALF FOODS as well :) it's located...halfway through the store. :)
  • Tune Outhavong

    Go when you're hungry on the weekend and sample everything. You'll end up buying new, cool foods that you probably wouldn't have before.
  • Jordan Langdon

    Come with absolutely no list and watch your shopping cart fill to bursting with things you didn't know you wanted. Check out the salad bar and their newly revamped bulk foods & produce sections. Nom.
  • Brittany Blackmon

    Quite possibly my favorite place to eat in Austin. Nothing prepares you for the hot food bar and all of that deliciousness. Carrot ginger soup is to die for. Wish they would tweet daily soup offerings
  • adam lescalleet

    get the "veggie flash" from the raw bar back near the wine deparment. TASTY.
  • Chasiti Chambers

    Always clean, great Organic selection, plenty of recycle bins(glass, paper,aluminum), really cool rooftop hangout and they offer paper, plastic and eco bags : )
  • Evolution Diet

    Mmmm whole foods
  • Evan[Bu]

    This particular Whole Foods is straight up epic. Think of it as a Walmart Supercenter that lacks white trash and Tweetie Bird t-shirts. There is literally a wine bar in the store! It's nucking futs!
  • Penina Mezei Attencia

    Great quality products, high standards in many areas, a high percentage of employees with great attitudes who truly provide excellent customer service. - Penina Mezei
  • @LorenzoAgustin ?

  • Dan Mateer

    No partial foods available.
  • Lucid Routes Katie W.

    Just the Tip
  • Bert Anderson

    Gelato bar YUMM
  • Alaina Yepez

    The only place I can find all of those weird ingredients I need for my vegan diet.
  • Kellan E

    the 'dillo costs $0.50, for a 2 hour pass, and runs every 10 minutes between SxSW and Whole Foods flagship. Healthy food meets Disneyland.
  • Ryan Gravatt

    Bring the kids, get them each a slice of pizza and then shop. Fed kids are happy shoppers.
  • BK

    Fresh pizza dough is available so that you can make your own pizzas at home!
  • Stacie Brunner

    eye contact = DTF
  • MattersOfGrey.com

    Fast & free wifi at the upstairs sitting area (near coffee/tea bar)
  • Brittany Lang

    At any given time, there are approximately one million people here.
  • Mercedes Pang

    Vanilla pudding. No questions asked.
  • Brian&Kristen Wimberley

    Get some olives.cheese.365 Cab and enjoy there
  • Mr Gibbs

    Come for the food, stay for the ice skating.
  • Stacy Weitzner

    Gotta eat, right? On a cold, rainy day when I have to go grocery shopping, thank god(dess) for the WF coffee bar Peppermint Mocha and its ability to lure me out the door and into the store.
  • Brian Maloney

    I've never gotten a bad smoothie -- pretty sure you can't go wrong.
  • Winnie Mendoza

    The vegan big johns are probably my favorite cookies... and I'm not even vegan!
  • Leigh Anne Lauderdale

    Eat at the sit down, seafood section. Scallop salad off the chain.
  • Emily Ivins

    Everything, seriously.
  • @jessnichols

    Make sure you never leave.
  • Jane Johnson

    Try something new. There's always a giant arty of organic, natural, artisanal, fair trade, gluten-free, Non-GMO Project verified products for every visit and every visitor.
  • Piper Jones

    @BigSkyBrewing Cowboy Coffee Porter - made w/ @kohanacoffee cold brew! Find it here @wholefoodsatx.
  • Mario Davila

    Food is free when your with.....
  • 24 Hour Fitness

    The Lamar Boulevard Whole Foods is HQ for a favorite health food outlet. Get some of the freshest fruit, veggies and fish in the city, and check-in often! Mayors receive a free cup of coffee 24/7!
  • Peter Gonzalez

    99 cent Cannolis!
  • Greenlit Events

    Try ALMOST anything before you buy it... seriously! Just ask a team member.
  • Jamie Thorvilson

    Thai mahi mahi at the dine in fish market is yummy!
  • Rebecca Chulew

    Love the fruit sushi
  • Rob Davidson

    Try The Green Vegan and Raw bar!
  • Howard Hsieh

    Go to the back and get some BBQ and then sit at the pasta station for some great pasta!
  • Michael Lynton

    If you like Peanut Butter, then buy the 365 brand Crunchy PB (not the organic). It is the best peanut butter, no jokes. Only $2.50/jar
  • Eddie Contreras

    You bad, bad Austinites using 4[ ]....us Gowalla for Leslie's sake!
  • Ernest Rodriguez

    Tacos are great and best buy at Whole Paycheck could be $4 for two then I would not call them whole paycheck
  • Veronica Vallado

    Grab any bottle of wine or craft beer and belly up to the bar and order a cheese plate or get some BBQ and eat / drink at retail prices!
  • The Austin Grand Prix

    You could probably come here everyday for a year and never eat the same thing. The salad bar, breakfast tacos, trail mix bar and "take what you need" spice rack are our favorites.
  • Matt Pyeatt

    The ice cream aisle has moved closer to the front of the store!
  • John Hanson

    Bring your Whole paycheck !
  • Michael Alderete

    Hit the Mini Me cheeses (all $3 or under) to make up a cheap, exciting cheese plate. We take ours on the plane ride home to SF!
  • Ian

    Try their Challah bread. It's pretty good.
  • Rachelle King

    Largest selection of #glutenfree products in Austin. Plus you can grab some of the "Health Starts Here" products in the store and items from the raw bar that are gluten-free!
  • Kambiz Shabankare

    I love wholefood is this consumerism oh let it be but environment is great and has a good smell. Specially coffee beans they have really best coffee beans here
  • Nicole Forbes

    Get your card stamped! 6th one is FREE
  • Kerry Gagnon

    Delicious free samples around lunch time and nice outdoor seating in front and on roof
  • Amber Deitrich

    Wine by the glass is $1 off from 4-6 on weekdays at all of the kiosks (which means you pay just $3.50)!
  • Nathan Nance

    Omg...big john straight out of oven
  • Chris Anthony

    Check out Nemes from Boston facebook.com/nemesband
  • Veronica Vallado

    Grab any bottle of or craft beer and belly up to bar to drink it at retail prices!
  • Natalie

    Bin with little pieces of cheese all under $3. Great for trying new things or if you're too much of a glutton to keep a whole wheel of Brie in the house!
  • Jen Merkel

    Their cannolis are like heaven in your mouth.
  • srajan baggins

    Don't miss out on $10 Pizza's on Thursdays, any 3 toppings.
  • Michael Perkins

    Tacos rule!
  • Rob Jones

    This original store is the largest we've seen, even larger than El Segundo.
  • Jane Johnson

    Visit the Health Starts Here Department to chat with one of our Healthy Eating Specialists for tips on how to shop, cook and eat healthfully.
  • GUSTO | Events. Education. Consulting. Travel

    They have one of the best keg wine options in Austin. Their prices can't be beat!
  • Carl Harkness

    If you're looking for Jon Goudreau, listen for the sweaty clicking noise around the dumpster.
  • Sarah Westlind

    Ginger, lemon, cayenne shot at the juice bar. Clears out your sinuses immediately.
  • Alex Wolfe

    Your coffee comes with one free refill.
  • Mercedes Pang

    Juice bar is fan freaking tastic. Detoxifier or skin rejuvenator are good.. so many more to try!
  • Erica Dillard

    You can get AMAZING juices at Whole Foods for half the price of nearby juice bars.
  • Astrid Walton

    The pineapple basil sorbet is fantastic!
  • Natalie Ryan

    Date to whole foods=win
  • Richard Jackson

    Pulled pork sandwiched on sale for 3.99 today. Very good.
  • Russell

    the 6th street tacos are amazing.. get the steak
  • Annia Raja

    The creole pasta at the Italian eatery is out of control amazing.
  • Jon Mulholland

    Grab a prepared salad or make your own, both are very tasty
  • Mario Garca

    Try the Chicken Teriyaki Bowl.
  • Charlie McRae

  • Kevin Burck

    Halfway through the store...is where all the "half" foods are :)
  • Ryan Klein

    Where to begin with this one? Take a stroll down beer alley and don't get mugged. Then observe the radical time and care taken at the bakery and cheese stations. Don't forget to grab a beer @thebar
  • Heather

    Everything is fantastic, but the Agua Frescas are stand outs. Pineapple Mint is the most refreshing.
  • George Tabares

    Great breakfast tacos, but have them separate the filling (in a cup) from the shell to prevent the whole thing from falling apart.
  • Paul Scott

    Santa Cruz lemonade varieties on sale - 4 for $5
  • Candice

    go to the bakery and get a slice of tres leches cake, make sure you get extra syrup if you order a whole one
  • Chris Edwards

    If u get a sandwhich with gf bread, get it toasted. Otherwise the bread crumbles.
  • Cityism Austin Board Game

    Play the only real Austin Board Game, called Cityism.
  • Roy Sosa

    Don't miss the Chicken Picatta at the Trattoria.
  • Kaysea Lindsey

    Some awesome girl works in the meat department, fire bbq
  • Craig Allen

    Get the Blue Moon Smoothie and add 1/8 teaspoon of cayene. Excellent!
  • Marisela V Zapata

    Just had a brisket sandwich. It was guuud... yummy to my tummy.
  • Dan Cui

    This flagstore contains a seafood bar, a wine bar, a coffee bar, a chocolate bar, and a special cold room for beer etc. I am sitting at the seafood bar watching the chef cooking my monkfish!
  • Joycott

    Organic. Fair trade. Sustainable. Love Whole Foods!
  • Piotr Zolnierek

    Vegeterian heaven :)
  • Jade Lyon

    Rooftop patio nukka
  • Eric Andersen

    Eat lunch on the patio outside and enjoy live music!
  • Eric Andersen

    Hidden gem the blackened chicken salad is delicious!
  • Zach Meyer

    Taco cup is the best breakfast deal, also better cheaper coffee than Starbucks.
  • Andrew Sanderson

    Thursday is Baby Friday and also 3 topping $9.99 Brick-fired Pizza day.
  • Simon Dudley

    Don't use the parking here. The parking garage is badly designed and the customers clueless on how to use it. The store itself is good if rather pleased with itself.
  • Rachelle King

    Looking for a fantastic meal check out either North Side Trattoria or 5th Street Seafood - you can get an amazing meal at both!
  • John Connolly

    People walking through the store move like ADD zombies.
  • Diana Peterson

    Love this place awesome Saturday retreat :-)
  • Marcus Guiliano

    Love the beer selections
  • ?? ??

    Gotta try the chicken tacos! They are HUGE!
  • Greg ? B.

    But more importantly, with every pair of TOMS Shoes you buy off the shelf, you save one person here from wearing a pair of TOMS shoes.
  • ???

    Free wifi and also power
  • Yosun Chang

    Sumo oranges TX !!!!!!!!! <3
  • Eric Hinman

    Belly up to 5th Street Seafood bar and dine on the Catch of the Day. Tilapia taco salad and salmon were both amazing.
  • Phillip Forrest

    Always Yummo and Jade is the best
  • Cassandra Schloser

    Samples all over the store today!
  • Amanda Barber

    Love the parking spot indicator lights! Can be so chaotic in the parking garage, so they're helpful.
  • Brent Gilmore

    Is it a requirement to park like a total douche bag at this particular Whole Foods? No one respects the lines, no one.
  • David J. Neff

    Notice the new parking sensors? Follow the electronic signs to find open spots on each floor.
  • Jos Dvila Soracco

    The local beer selection is amazing and the fridges are so cool
  • AzyxA

    Tree acquired!
  • Jennifer Reiney

    Looks like the renovations are finished now. Had the pizza which is now combined with the Pasta bar & hot food area. The personal pizza used to be $5 for 3 toppings but now cost 8 & wasn't as good.
  • Cash Edwards

    OMG so awful Whole Foods left the carts in the rain. They are sopping wet. Hey WF water and paper packaging? not great together!
  • Cassandra Schloser

    The store is a mess right now in prepared food area. Under renovations. Not as much selection as normal. Went all the way to fish/sushi area & had a asian soup bowl & sat at sushi bar.
  • Jordan Stone

    The good parking spots here are like you reach school. You're just not going to get into them.
  • Willem Spruijt

    Great place to go after a work-out.
  • Hannah Herzog

    Alright y'all, I love Whole Foods, but if you're looking for an awesome vegan burrito, go somewhere else. They're a little skimpy on the ingredients and just a little meh.
  • Jennifer Reiney

    A lot of remodeling of eating areas in progress. Nice it's being done without disturbance to customers.
  • Cassandra Schloser

    Love this place.. I am here a lot. But when I ordered my latte with regular milk I got my head chewed off because they were very confused about what that meant. To him regular is 2% milk!!
  • Deanna

    Got kids? Have a snack or meal on the roof for a great view, playground, and bird (or people) watching. Win for kids & parents!
  • Cathy Benford

    If you're there on Saturday or Sunday, go get the best massage you'll ever experience from Taki!
  • Aimee Ault

    Great place to go to catch up on the latest teen and/or yuppie gossip.
  • Dan Mateer

    Wear workout clothes here. All the cool moms with failing marriages are doing it!
  • Damien Decaux

    Expensive but a large choice of quality products from anywhere in the world
  • Ken Crouch

    The Mac 'n' Penne with green chili at the Smokehouse is really nice.
  • Jennifer Reiney

    They have a really good shave gel. Really for men but sensitive skin & no weird odor or manly scent. Hard to find this type
  • Freddie Avalos

    Try the Sorbet - Chocolate & peanut butter, both #vegan
  • Shanila Cordova Fortin

    Try the pomegranate and raspberry sorbet shake, it's amazing!
  • Jennifer Reiney

    Favorite supplement expert, Fon, here today. Walking encyclopedia.
  • Steve Hawkins

    Dude. The've got barbecue here. Check it out.
  • Jennifer Reiney

    My favorite Whole Body person, Fon isn't here today. Nice & a walking encyclopedia.
  • Sabrina Consolascio-Garcia

    Go green. Bring your own coffee mug and get .25 cents off your coffee :)
  • Steve Hawkins

    Try their barbecue brisket plate for lunch. Tasty!
  • Brian Spears

    Men's bathroom stalls look like they were designed by a peeping tom. Come see!
  • Pam Campbell

    You can sample anything! I like to try before I buy.
  • Nathan Nance

    The Big John Vegan cookie is poorly cooked today
  • Cassie Thill

    Breakfast tacos! Mmmm!
  • Henner Schliebs

    veggie blends are good - even for me not being a veggie or organic freak :-)
  • Angella

    Grab a half sandwich and soup for $5.50. Be sure to get a soup cup from the sandwich bar and have them price it or it's $3.99 for the soup alone!
  • Freddie Avalos

    Try the Apple Fritter - Breaking a rule, but it is #vegan
  • Sebastian Pando

    The only grocery store downtown with a lot of choices. Take some hot food as well there
  • Natalie Bushman

    Amazing WF! Everyone was super helpful and the options were endless
  • Chris Garcia

    Take a cooking class!
  • Jurate Wall

    Take the food outside with the shop bought beer- perfect!
  • Charles Williams

    If you're getting a smoothie, trust the barista to make you something unique.
  • Sarah Majors

    Basil gelato made the whole day just that much better. Yum!!
  • Rodney D

    The associates at the health section of the store are awesome. They are very helpful and attentive. If they don't have what you are looking for, they will recommend something that just might be better
  • Andy Stockberger

    Free macklemore
  • Debs

    Best Whole Foods in America!
  • Steve Hawkins

    This place is amazing. Come for lunch and then shop your heart out for some interesting and healthy food. There's a chocolate bar here too!
  • annyhanny

    Easy in & out even in busy Saturday aftenoon! Super nice workers, great customer service!
  • Kyle Bunch

    The Whole Foods flagship is filled with good lunch and dinner options (and a chocolate fountain).
  • Bethany Ellerbrook

    Perfect place to grab some food and then head to the roof for some great studying with beautiful views.
  • Freddie Avalos

    Try the Breakfast - A little bit of everything. #vegan
  • Ariane Leverett

    Vegan options at the hot bar are limited. If you're also gluten free it's worse. I'm always disappointed when I come here. The employees are also rude and defensive if you ask for vegan gf items.
  • S C

    Flagship store is a MUST when in Austin. Definitely stroll through the well stocked beer fridge.
  • Suzanne Bennetr

    Don't get their breakfast tacos. So gross! You can get much better tacos elsewhere! Everything else= Amazballs.
  • Nauci

    leave it to the city of Austin to make even grocery shopping "weird " overpriced in my opinion but great quality
  • Leah Jones

    Come hungry! You'll want to grab lunch here at the several different restaurants inside!
  • Kate Ronkainen

    No longer open until 11 pm. Close at 10.
  • Jackie Sudano

    Hipsters hate returning their carts to where they belong.
  • Freddie Avalos

    Try the Vegan Maple Pecan Sorbet
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