Austin Aspie Adults

Group Description

Our positive, accepting group exists so that adults on the autism spectrum,usually those with Asperger's Syndrome or Aspies (but not exclusively Aspies),can socialize with others on the spectrum,18 and up, whether officially diagnosed or self diagnosed.

Our meetingsare a wonderful, precious respite from having to monitor, edit, and adapt ourselves to suit norms that don't mesh with our natural, autistictendencies. We have open,free-flowing discussions aboutmany things-- our ideas, experiences, strengths, challenges, the serious, the hilarious, and much more. In the process, we learn about each other and ourselves. Some choose to join in the discussions; others simply listen --and that's just fine.

Above all, meetings have no clinical overtones andno attempts tofix or change anyone. Of course, being human, most of us are aware of a need for lifelong personal growth. However, we do not seek a "cure" for our autism. It is part of who we are. Some of us do avail ourselves of therapy, medication, and other modalities that we find useful just as non-autistics do, but the goal is never to become "normal," to remove the autism from ourselves. As adults, we have come to realize thatautism also has its benefits -- to us and to society. We are not tragic creatures to be pitied, "treated" beyond recognition, or (gasp!) eradicated.

We ask new members not to bring visitors or support people if at all possible.If needed,you may invite someone to accompanyyou for the first two meetings only. Beyond the occasional support person, these meetings are for us to relax and enjoy being exclusively in the company of others on the spectrum. The privacy and feelings of members are important, and we must be able to meet and freely discuss topics of our choosing without distraction or concern for being misunderstood, judged, interrogated, analyzed, compared and contrasted, poked and prodded, etc.

NO REGISTERING ON BEHALF OF ANOTHER.This group is for adults who join of their own free will.Eachof usmust be ready to join independently and free of coercion from friends or family.

NOADVERTISING OF AUTISM SERVICES, PRODUCTS,OR OTHER MEETUP GROUPS.We are a social group,not a marketing forum. We are each fully capable of seeking out such things on our own if we so desire.

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