Ouch! Treating and Managing Severe Chronic Pain

Group Description

An Amateur's Guide To Stopping Terrible Chronic Pain

Have you ever "just hurt too much to get out of bed? Have you ever been knocked to the floor with crippling pain?


Do you think you are the only one that suffers like you do? Come find information about the dozens of treatments and techniques available right now for your pain.

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Pain steals a critical part of 116 Million American's lives. This is the group for answers to your questions on immediate action for managing and stopping SEVERE CHRONIC PAIN. We will go over powerful techniques and medicines for the relief and removal of life disrupting pain. This is not a support group. This is about answers to surgical, pharmaceutical, and life modifying techniques that work for millions of sufferers around the world. I am not a doctor, I do not sell snake oil I have suffered severe chronic pain for twenty years with great success. Come get some answers!

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