Austin Design and Visual Arts Network

Group Description

The Austin Design and Visual Arts Network (ADVAnet) is a group for designers and visual artists of all types, including professionals, job seekers, students, and those curious about getting into the field. We usually meet once a week, with two meetings a month during the day, and two or three meetings in the evening. We were formerly known as Austin Texas Design and Media (ATXDM) from July 2009 to July 2012, and before that it was founded in 2003, called simply Austin Designer Meetup. We're's second oldest continuously active graphic design group. (We're watching you St. Louis!)

We try to meet every week, almost always on Wednesdays, alternating between lunches and evenings. The daytime meetups usually focus more on the arts community in Austin, and as an official "clublet" of the Launchpad Job Club,are oriented to be helpful to job seekers.The evening meetups consist of a presentation, demo, or tutorial, or discuss and share ideas, questions, projects, resources, etc. When we meet at a restaurant or bar, the meetings tend to be more casual and social,to give everyone in the group a chance to network and mingle.

We're inclusive of design and visual arts from all disciplines, so no matter you're background or interest, we'd love to have you join us.

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