The Austin Secular Divorce/Separation Support Meetup Group

Group Description

Welcome to the Austin Secular Divorce/Separation Support Meetup Group! The purpose of our group is to share social experiences while going through a transition in marital status. Our membership includes persons considering divorce, separated, in the divorce process, or who have finalized the divorce. We meet, we share, we vent... but above all else, we support one another in whatever stage we are in. Our meetups are social in nature and are driven by the membership. There is no set schedule. As a member, you may suggest events at any time. Our group welcomes all views and appreciates the differences that make us unique. We want to foster an online community that is emotionally safe and supportive so that each member is comfortable being himself/herself at all times. Welcome to a really fun group! You'll soon learn why each of us is so grateful to be here! PLEASE NOTE: We are simply a peer group. It is important to know that our group is not lead by a therapist or doctor and cannot take the place of a trained mental health professional. If you feel desperate or depressed, we urge you to seek a medical professional or call 911.

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