Au Naturel Joy

Group Description

<br>Let's get together for sober nude fun! BBQs, indoors/outdoors parties, skinny dipping, hiking, indoors/outdoors nude table games, yoga, meditation, picnics, etc. We all can be creative, come up with ideas (which are very welcome) to make this group stand out from the rest. <br>This group is an illegal-drugs/alcohol free because it consists of finding fun in life without indulging in drugs or alcohol.

<br>***Important: there is too many men already joined, and not enough women. I would like to keep the male/female ratio balanced for better fun, and for the women to not feel so uncomfortable with all these men surrounding them, and also for better female support. So in order for a man to be approved he will have to bring a woman with him to join the group. That will be his pass to join this group.
If you don't have a woman to bring with you, but you are really interested in joining, and think you are a special case, contact me ( explaining your case and I will be happy to make exceptions. <br>And the ones already joined that don't have any pictures of themselves in their profiles it would be nice and polite to upload a clear profile picture of himself/herself otherwise I will remove them from the group and let other more interested ones with pictures join. It's good to see other Nudies faces.***

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!