The FRIENDS Club Minglers

Group Description

Please Note: Though operated by The FRIENDS Club, it is NOT a requirement to be a Member of The FRIENDS Club to join this Meetup.

To join our "Mingles", we ask that you be curious (or active) in the Swinging Lifestyle or COMPARABLE Alternative Expressions of Sexuality.

The DISCUSSIONS AREA of this group are your best friend, and we encourage all to participate !!!

MEETUP's may be at The FRIENDS Club, on Neutral Ground, or in Private Residences and Specific Rules (age, couples or singles, dress code, play allowed, etc) will be defined for each Meetup.

As outlined by Meetup, there are 3 main focuses to this group:

1). We are Community Focused

Being a part of The FRIENDS Club Minglers will create opportunities to participate and connect with each other, beyond Club Parties.

Furthermore, belonging to our Meetup Community means you identity with our Members, and/or would be interested in (or already attend) The FRIENDS Club.

2). We will Meet in Real Life

Meetups for The FRIENDS Club Minglers will occur face-to-face, in real life.

These will be hosted in person, or by an Event Host or a Member of the Group's Leadership.

3). We are Local

Our Meetups will build our local community. Our aim is to build The FRIENDS Club Mingler's capacity and create opportunities for meaningful connections within the community.

Mingler activities and activities @ The FRIENDS Club are meant to correspond and will play off one another, but are 2 DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT things


From Rhino (Marketing Director) - I run this page and events. I work remotely and mostly access Meet-Up through my phone and can only manage discussion boards through my laptop, which I'm rarely on these days. If you have a concern or question that needs to be immediately address please send me a message directly. Thanks! 

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