SWAT - Sexy Women of Austin Texas

Group Description

SWAT (an acronym for Sexy Women of Austin Texas) is a ladies' social group for those who indulge in or are interested in such things as a swinging lifestyle, non-monogamy/polyamory, kink, BDSM, alternative sexuality, or anything else "beyond vanilla." We welcome anyone who identifies as a lady, girl, woman, femme, female (including transgender) within Austin, Texas or its surrounding areas. This is a space to announce events, organize outings and get-togethers, ask questions, and have discussions among local ladies. It's not that we necessarily want to exclude the men-folk (some events might be general and open to all), but more about providing a comfortable, no-pressure space for women to be themselves and get together for events and socials that interest us.

We've adopted pearls as our "symbol," and encourage members to wear a string of pearls to any of our events -- but it's by no means mandatory!

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