Actors Circle ATX

Group Description

We are a group of actors who get together once per week to "do our work" in front of each other, offer constructive observations, and support one another's efforts by being scene partners, filming auditions (when needed), and whatever else we can do to help each other. The purpose of "the circle" is to serve as either an alternative to conventional workshops/classes, or to augment any such work you may be doing. The premise behind it all is a belief that the 'wisdom' of a group of thoughtful actors - who are serious about their craft - can be just as effective and valuable a resource as any other. For Actors, by Actors Actors Circle ATX provides a thoughtfully yet minimally structured professional setting for actors to refine specific performances and/or cultivate their talents in-general. Regularly scheduled meetings are conducted by the attending actors, themselves, according to a basic set of agreements. Constructive Environment The guiding principle of Actors Circle ATX is to "always promote progress." We pay attention to how we communicate with one another, maintaining a solution-oriented mindset, avoiding negative criticism, and framing our suggestions and observations in the context of what to do, rather than what not to do.
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