Mens Naked Ecstatic Dance & Man2ManGames(Authentic Relating)

Group Description

Resumes monthly starting February 2017! <br>Join us and free your mind and body, and connect with yourself and others from our community in a safe space, free of judgement. <br>Austin Naked Male Identified Men's Ecstatic Dance is an open invitation to all who wish to live in the moment, expand their hearts and minds, as well as discover the freedom to connect with ourselves and with others. Join in and co-create a safe, loving, substance-free space where all ages, body types, and physical abilities are invited and encouraged to explore and play. If you have ever been told you can't dance, release that untruth and explore your personal style of movement with improvised, freeform movement. All are encouraged and asked to release judgement of self and others, and dance barefoot like a kid again... silly, free, joy-filled, and with love! You are invited!

More info: The dance features a specially crafted musical journey which guides participants to go deep and explore the nature of one's being through music and movement into a sonically altered state. Participation from beginning to end is essential to the overall experience, while being kind and loving to oneself and resting as needed. A short warm up will be played for those interested in stretching/moving, before we gather for our opening circle to meet one another and receive brief guidelines on the experience. Our musical journey will then begin by diving into soundscapes of slow, dark, sensual, downtempo and ethnic beats creating a trajectory towards reworked classics, cutting-edge genre-bending world and electronic dance music before finally releasing our bodies to the floor to rest with one another while enjoying luscious mellow, nostalgic, and melancholic sounds as they fade to silence. After a short period of silent rest the dance concludes with the calling of a closing circle and celebration.
<br>About Man2Man Naked Connection Games - Explore the art of creating deeper connection with others and ourselves through exciting, physical, sensual, and fun verbal and non-verbal creative games!
<br>Bio: Darrin Brindle believes in connecting others and ourselves through facilitating yoga, ecstatic dance, real food/nutrition, creative play exploration, Man2Man and human2human experiences, and other offerings. He has been teaching yoga since 2012 and practicing since 2007. Darrin is a natural educator who has an authentic style of facilitation that creates an inclusive, safe, and nurturing space where all are made to feel welcome. He encourages participants into new, loving ownership of the inherent value and worth of their body, mind, and spirit. He explores and breaks down walls of shame and negative body image, and focuses on a healthy, erotic sexuality based upon respect and communication. Darrin is a 200-hour registered Yoga teacher and a graduate of Ecstatic Dance Evolution. He shares a wide range of personal growth and healing classes through private and group lessons, corporate sessions, workshops, retreats, and consulting. Darrins mantra is to BE LOVE in this world, to oneself, and to others. <br>Be Natural, Be Love, Be You!

Darrin Brindle, Founder 832.630.5996

Naked Ecstatic Dance for Men & Man2Man Games are a monthly nude event open to anyone who is male identified. To maintain a sacred space for movement and free expression we ask that you follow the following guidelines:

Only nonverbal communication on the dance floor *

Scent-Free, Smoke-Free, Alcohol-Free Environment *

No Photos or Videos, Cellphones quiet and out of sight *

Respect the space and each other * Dance however you wish *

Dance alone or with as many partners as you like * If you'd rather not dance with someone, thank them by placing your hands in prayer at your heart.

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