The Austin Women and Loss Meetup Group

Group Description

The intention of this group is to create an inclusive space for a diverse group of women seeking  community support around the universal experience of loss.  Forming an interdisciplinary approach to loss, Laura Shook, a Somatic Psychotherapist and Ellen Whealton, a Music Therapist with a background in Transpersonal Psychology, have teamed up to create an environment where women can enhance their understanding of the mind-body connection in relation to healing.

Meetups include, but are not limited to, open and interactive dialogue as well as experiential exercises, related to the therapeutic benefits of the mind-body connection when healing from grief and loss.  We will discuss and explore body based and complimentary therapies such as Somatic Experiencing®, Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy, Mandalas, and Music Assisted Guided Imagery.

The group is open to any and all women experiencing loss.  This experience can range from the loss of a loved one to the loss of ability or sense of self resulting from an illness. We hope to create a support network to help women find inner resilience during times of loss.

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