Group Description

A laid-back community exploring classic philosophical questions through the medium of film. If you are sick of small talk, and truly dig investigating the human experience but don't have the time or the attention span for a book club, you will love our group. Member-selected films are not restricted in any major sense--art house to mainstream, inception to present day, almost all genres will be honored and/or explored.

One criterion for film selection is its ability to inspire discussion focused on classic questions of philosophy. Special guest speakers on occasion may be announced. Members should enjoy hearing a diversity of opinions and have a healthy love/hate relationship with humankind. We meet to comment, criticize and thereby teach one another things we might not have considered about particular films and philosophies. Please note these screenings are NOT open to the general public.

From time to time organizers may trim the list of members by removing those who do not visit the page and who do not come to any events, or those who are persistent no shows.

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