Austin Filmmakers

Group Description

Austin Filmmakers is a place to network with other film makers in the area, sponsored by Austin 3D Design and Animation.

A good resource in Austin is:
Austin Film Meet

It is a great resource for those serous about being part or manifesting film projects. They welcome new projects of all kinds and is a successful cooperative venture. They are a progressive networking group that actually films things instead of just talking about it.

The calendar here will tell you of gatherings of that group that are open to the public but I highly recommend those serious about their craft in joining. They are very helpful, competent and friendly people, a great combination of traits that uplift the film makers community.

This meetup group is a bit of a bridge for those who are thinking about film making and looking for education or a bit shy, scared , experiencing challenges and need gentle support or are more interested in it as a hobby than a full time passion. (Watch out though, the film making bug might bite you and you might get sucked into it)

I will provide information about relevant classes, film festivals, speakers on the subject and also offer social networking gatherings to mingle and network with the creative community. The more the merrier. I network with a wide range of other community groups RSVPS are often not accurate and always more people come than what is the number of the RSVP of this group Create!! and please don't be shy, if you have any questions, ideas, suggestions please ask and I will do my best to help.

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