Hill Country Adventure Riders

Group Description

Our group does adventure riding from Austin to Big Bend. Which includes large twin adventure bikes and other times small Thumpers (one cylinder bikes). We love riding all of the bumpy back roads (B roads) and jumping all the cattle guards.We welcome all adventure riders. As this group develops we hope to have intermediate and basic rides available. Initially these are advanced rides.

What kind of group is this?
This group is for people who like to ride motorcycles to find other people who like to ride. Some members may not attend any posted rides, but will email other members and have their own little mini-group. Some members will want to only go on big rides. Some will only go on smaller rides. If there is something you want to do, either post it on the message board or send the organizer an email. If there is something you don't want to do, don't do it.
Who sponsors your group?
Napalm Motorsports is our sponsor that pays for your membership to be free and promote their events and businesses with our riding group and inform their customers to join our group at no cost to the member

Napalm Motorsports
12112 RR 620 N
Austin, TX 73301


Is this a club??
This is not a club, no officers or leaders or dues.

Sounds fun and I like motorcycles. Who can join this group?
Everyone is welcome. This group is for people who like bikes. You don't have to own one, some of our members will share rides, just let it be known. A little chipping in on gas would be appreciated too. In fact, you don't have to be a member to go on rides, just to reply on the message boards, get announcements of events, and to RSVP for events.

What is up with this page?

Everyone needs to read this page. Fully. If you don't like what's on here, offer suggestions in the message boards or don't go on rides until you do.

What should I do after I join?
Each profile has some questions. Please fill them out as best you can.The more information you put the more people can get to know you.

Is there anything I need to sign?? I know some clubs have liability forms and such.

Please re-read meetup.com's terms of service, especially section 5. You agreed to it in order to use this site. You may not have read it, but you had to check the box that said you did. In general, section 5 says if an organizer or any member places a ride on the calendar and you get lost or something, it's your own fault. If someone runs into you on the highway, call the cops and handle it like any other traffic accident and not sue everyone in the group. If you can't live with that, this group isn't for you. Also there is liability release statement below on this page.

I noticed sometimes you go to bars. I don't like to drink and drive, can't we go someplace different?
Bars serve non-alcoholic drinks as well as alcohol. Those drinks are often cheaper than beer and sometimes have free refills. We only condone drinking when the ride is officially over, some of the riders may have a beer and some may drink sodas. No one will chastise you for not drinking and remember, we only drink after the official ride is over. Do understand it is your choice to drink and if you do decide to do so, that is your choice. The only time it will become a issue with the group is if you have had to much then either the leader of the ride or any Organizers or Assistant Organizers feel that you may compromise thier safety you will be asked to leave on your own and not ride with the group. Drinking and Riding is unsafe and it kills. Dont become a statistic!

What are the rules?

SAFETY is the #1 Issue. If you are riding in an unsafe manner to yourself or others - you WILL be asked to leave.
When on rides with other members, everyone will respect each other skills and riding styles. That means if someone does something you think is unsafe, don't ride close to them. They may be better than you and can deal with it. If that isn't good enough, tell them directly or whoever setup the ride you are uncomfortable. Or email the organizers. Nothing may get done about it, so be prepared for that. No one forced you to go on a ride, and no one will force you to stay on one. You can leave a ride any time.

Who runs this group??

This is a group of people riding, there is no one in charge. If someone starts telling you what to do and you don't agree with it, don't do it. Use your own common sense and leave the ride if you think it is too risky for your taste. However, if someone starts suggesting how the group should ride, listen. They just might have a good idea and you should try it.

So who is this Daniel who is the organizer?? Isn't he in charge??

Daniel runs the web site. He can post calendar entries and moderate the message board. (Moderate means if someone puts something up that is inappropriate, he can delete it.) Daniel orBarrywill determine members conduct on the website. If you any have issues with Assistant Organizers or the group he would be what they call the "complaint Department" thank you ............next!

I'm confused ... someone needs to lead the rides?
Yes. Someone will lead the ride. Usually, the person who suggests and plans the ride will do that. Sometimes they won't. There are some members of the group that are very active and will take up positions in the front and back of a ride to make sure we all get where we are going at the same time. It changes. If you want to lead, get up front. If you don't, stay towards the back. It is expected that the organizer of the ride will give a short safety awareness discussion and answer any questions so everyone is aware of the route and safety precautions.

I don't get it ... how do you keep everyone together?
It's very simple. When you ride in this group, the person in front of you will watch you from time to time in their mirror to make sure you don't get left behind. And you will watch the person behind you. If the person behind you pulls over or drops back, you will pull over or drop back and keep them in sight. If you lose sight of them, pull over, preferably after you get the attention of the person in front of you. If possible and enough people the organizer of the ride should designate sweeper (the person at the back of the ride to watch for safety issues or bikers having mechanical problems)

Help!!!I'm a new rider and not very experience riding with large groups!
If you want someone to help you through a ride, ask. We all had our first ride and I know someone will help. Above all, you need to be responsible for your own riding, that includes knowing how to get home and being able to take care of yourself if you get separated from the group. It doesn't happen very often, but it can. Normally if you tell them you are a new rider we position you at the front with the leader so you close to an experienced rider.

What happens if my bike breaks down during a ride??
Ah ... the biggest advantage to riding in a group. If something happens on a trip, the group will make sure that you are taken care of. Someone will stay with you to make sure you can at least get home. The whole group may stay, so get rid of your guilty feelings. We know you would do the same for us. We have members with trailers that might offer to help. Also you might want to get AAA or MoTow, they are very inexpensive. We all know good places to take bikes to be worked on, and some places to stay away from.

So, what am I supposed to do when I go on rides??
All riders are expected to read the ride notes and be prepared to ride.

What does that mean??
It means you know what the weather might be like and have the proper gear (or choose to ride without it.) It means you know where we will be riding and how long the ride might be (both in miles and time), and should be able to ride home if things change. (See note above about asking.) It means that you know whether or not we plan to stop and eat so you either eat before we ride or eat during the ride. It means you show up with a full tank of gas, unless you know you can make it to a planned stop where there is gas. It is unlikely anyone will get left behind, but it isn't impossible, please prepare for it. Ask for cell phone numbers if you are uncomfortable with that prospect.For you safety it is the responsibility of each individual rider to have emergency contact information on them for precautions.

What if I don't want to go on the whole ride??
If you do have to leave a ride, let someone know. If you are riding and have to leave, try to safely get someone's attention and wave bye-bye. Make sure they wave bye-bye back, or nod, or do something that seems to look like they know you are leaving.

It is usually best to let the person at the front know, since they tend to keep an eye out for how many riders there are. If it is a large group, let the person in the back know.

I don't know if I will ride much. What do I have to do to stay a member?
If you become a member and don't use the site for three months, you will be dropped. Don't take it personal, you can come back by sending the organizer an email. You don't have to attend rides if you don't want to or don't see any you like. Just visit the web site from time to time. Members who participate on rides and use the message boards are also less likely to get dropped.

I'm going to be away for awhile, I don't want to get dropped. What should I do?
Bikers are often wanderers and we understand that. It is better to send an email to the organizer and let them know you will be away for a few months. That way, your profile won't get lost.

Do I have to RSVP to every ride?
No, you don't have to. But the group would like to know, from time to time, why you aren't going on some of the rides. If we only get 'yes' RSVPs, then the rides that are posted will continue to be the ones that are posted. But if you RSVP with a 'no', and tell us why you can't go on rides from time to time, we can start to add rides that you can go on.

There is somewhere I would like to go, how do I get a ride to there?
There are two ways. You can post something in the message boards, or you can send the organizers an email.

Do I have to plan the whole thing out?? I'm not very good at that.

A ride suggestion can be as simple as 'I want to go to Llano and hang out for an hour or two on this date'. Or it can have a detailed ride plan. That is up to you. If it's not detailed enough, usually an organizer or assistant organizer, or other member will embellish it, so don't worry.
It is Understood and you agree that photos or wording placed by anyone in this group shows voluntary compliances that your photos or words become the property of the group if you do not wish for them to be there do not post them.By joining meet up you are agreeing to this in the Terms of Service and privacy Policy.

If you ride with us, you assume the following risk:

You understand that operating a motorcycle vehicle entails a certain amount of risk. You must currently hold a valid driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement and have the state mandated minimum liability insurance covering the vehicle which you will be operating on this ride. The vehicle which you will operate on this ride is in proper working condition and you have the skills and experience required to safely participate in this ride. You also are in good physical condition to successfully and safely to operate your motorcycle.

Emergency Medical Information and Bike Disposition Information, along with emergency contacts is the responsibility of each individual and should be carried at all times on your person and bike.

The North Austin Riders Group (NARG), Hill Country Adventure Ridersis an informal group of individuals who meet solely for the purpose of riding motorcycles with other individuals. The organizers of NARG,HCAR, volunteer their time and expertise to organize enjoyable rides. All efforts are made to ensure a safe and successful ride.

As a condition of your voluntary participation in group rides, you hereby release and discharge NARG, Hill country Adventure Riders(HCAR),and it's Organizers or its sponsor Napalm Motorsports from any and all claims, demands, damages, or liabilities arising from injury to your person or property as the result of participating in this riding activity.]

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