Austin Dog People

Group Description

This Meetup Group is for people who Love their dogs and want to socialize with other people who also love dogs and live in Austin (or the surrounding area). Austin Dog People want to spend time with their dogs whenever and whereverthey can. Their dogs are like family members. Do you work all the time and dont spend enough time with your dog(s) on your days off? Feel guilty when going off to meet friends and your dog(s) gives youthesadlook that asks: Can I come?! Please! Please!

Now you can bring them with you! Austin Dog People enjoysocializing with peopleand their dogs at different places that allow dogs, or doggie play dates, andenjoy sharing dog stories, training tips, dog health tips, snack recipes or other things.

Austin Dog People like to be outdoors (maybe indoors sometimes) to meet at different off-leash Parks or an outdoor patio of some cool Austin establishment. Dog People might enjoy conversations on a wide variety of topics between dog owners while their dogs romp, play, exercise and tire before going home to nap. Meetups will include, but are not limited to, dog walks and hikes, doggie play dates, off leash parks, outdoor patio dining or happy hours at dog-friendly venues. Volunteering or helping local Dog organizations or rescues? Maybe taking in music or hanging out at a dog-friendly festival.Austin is one of the friendliest dog cities in the U.S.

The Austin Dog People Meetup Group allows onlynon-aggressive, fun loving, socialized dogs that play well. This applies toowners as well!:)

Let us make new friends, share time with our dogs and have a great time!

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