Jazz Theory and it's Practical Application. All levels.

Group Description


My name is Alex Bohrer

This meetup is a series of small group workshops in a smoke/drug/alcohol free environment for musicians of all styles and levels who desire growth and improvement of their overall musicianship. My original Meetup group "Build Your Jazz Standards Repertoire" has been drawing a great deal of positive response but has also started redirecting a great deal toward jazz theory due to high interest in that area. To avoid alienating those who signed up for the original purpose of really mastering a New Standard each meetup "Jazz Theory and it's Practical Application" was created.

I have been teaching jazz piano full-time in Austin since 98. I graduated with two Bachelor of Music degrees from Berklee College of Music in Boston. One in Jazz Piano Performance and the other in Composition. I also completed the two year Dick Grove Composition/Arranging Program (CAP) in Studio City California back in the early 80's.

I spent 15 years in Los Angeles performing, teaching and scoring music having been fortunate enough to study scoring under such greats as Bill Conti, Henry Mancini and Lalo Schifrin. In other words I have more history than I'd care to admit. Okay I'm older than I look.

The purpose of this meet up is to increase your theoretical knowledge to the point that you can both contribute to and benefit from the pro-level meet ups.

There is a $20 per member fee for a 90 minute class which normally cost $105 as an individual class. There will only be room for six to seven attendees. When you leave you will have the basic tools to play by ear, arrange your own pieces, improvise with a much greater understanding of the harmonic possibilities, utilize jazz voicings, riffs and exotic scales with ease and much more.

* Courtesy Video (zoom on hands) lesson links of the highlights provided for private review.

* Flexible private lessons & group lessons at a great discount will be available for those who have been highly inspired and are motivated enough to continue working with me beyond this point.

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