The Austin Healthy Hippies Meetup Group

Group Description

Some say that Austin just isn't the same anymore... But can you name somewhere that is? Thought so... Many of the "old school" hippies in Austin have changed also but the spirit is still here and in our present fear-based world of social manipulation we need the healthy hippie spirit more than ever. Join us as we seek out and enjoy the fun and adventure in the Austin of today as a hippie in recovery or a neo-hippie who doesn't partake in alcohol, drugs, mood altering substances but still believes in hippie values. Learn why Austin always has been, and always will be, the hippie capital of Texas...many of the original hippies in Austin are in recovery because of the damage that resulted from chemical mood altering but still have held on to the values...peace, love, understanding, harmony, environmentalism... Enjoy the company of other local clean and sober hippies, counter-culturist and loving folks of the world as we celebrate our differences and revel in our novel culture . As Jerry Garcia put it, " We had it right with peace, love, understanding and challenging the establishment that supported the Vietnam War...but we got it all wrong with the drugs" What will make this group successful is keeping the hippie traditions of Peace, Kindness, harmony, Political and Social Activisim, Environmentalism and lots of healthy fun assisting our community as much as we can in the busy Society we live in. If you want to get active and have some ideas/resources to offer, I will make you an Assistant Organizer and you can post events on the calendar easy as that. I am a licensed chemical dependency counselor with over twenty years in the field so I know how important recovery is to those who need a safe environment to learn how to have just as much fun with more fulfillment without mood altering substances. I ask that everyone when they join to read: The Home page and the Tribal rules. We have the potential for an awesome group of people to have clean/sober fun with each other as well as keeping our hippie values in a world that needs all the things that a Hippie stands for. Lets uplift and support each other to keep interdependence alive!!!

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