Austin Indie and Local Music Meetup

Group Description

About the group
This group is for people who want to share music they love with others, learn about new bands or share experiences with other music lovers.Whatever type of music goes.If you like a band there is a good chance someone else out there does as well, or at least wouldn't mind joining you in checking it out.
'Indie' goes far and wide, so post some shows and make some new friends! People who love music often also love movies and games about music, art shows anddance parties. Feel free to host an event that isn't necessarily a concert, but might appeal to people who love music.

Suggest venues, shows, bands!
You can post any show you like so long as you are willing to host.Hosting meansyou are going to play the role of bringing people together: You'll need to:

  • suggest a place to meet before the show and/or during
  • provide your contact information
  • show up

Attend an event
RSVP to events that look like fun. Then go! That's all there is to it. But please, please, do not say you are going to an event and then not show up. This is frustrating for the host, who then doesn't want to host another event and then the whole group suffers. The group organizers have the ability to remove a group member who is a chronic no show.

Spotify Playlist
We have a playlist on Spotify. Subscribe and add your favorite bands.

Feel free to post a question on the message board, or reach out to any of the organizers!

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