Build your "Jazz Standards" Repertoire

Group Description

Welcome to Build your "Jazz Standards" Repertoire.

My name is Alex Bohrer and I have worked in Austin as a full time jazz piano teacher since 98. One of the things I love most abut jazz theory is the ability to explore and experiment with new harmonic possibilities over previously stagnant chords/voicings played over common favorite tunes.

This meetup requires a comfortable knowledge of seventh chords and basic harmonic theory.

It's intent as stated in the Meetup title is to simply build one's memorized standard repertoire. It will provide re-harmonization alternatives and through harmonic analysis will enable transposing in all keys.

All instruments welcome. Unlike jam sessions where musicians just get together to call out tunes and show off chops this group is for those who would like to learn and truly master one tune per session in a Smoke/Drug/Alcohol free environment.

In the process of rebuilding songs we will cover harmonic and structural analysis, re-harmonization, improvisation and whatever else is of interest to the group.

The intent is to have one fresh song with many fresh alternate ideas under everyone's belt by the time each meetup ends.

These groups will be kept small for effectiveness.

Everyone attending is strongly encouraged to contribute their musical ideas. All egos will be left at home.

This meetup is intended to be a fun learning experience for everyone first and foremost.

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