Austin Moto Sixpack Adventurers

Group Description


Austin Moto Sixpack is a venue for motorcyclists to organize smaller adventure rides in Texas


  • Lower profile and impact on the rural roads and their residents
  • More flexibility to alter plans than larger groups
  • All members can organize and post rides


Gather a group of dual sports for a rural ride, offroad bikes for a dirt ride, supermotos for an urban ride, cruisers, cafe racers or sport bikes for a day ride

For rides near or far, overnighters or longers trips....this is where you can gather like-minded people and roll


Schedule your own customized ride describing the details with the meeting place & time, or join a planned ride


By joining you agree with our creed "riding groups are no larger than a sixpack".  If a group fills up to six, just start another one....




Austin Moto Sixpack vinyl ovals are available from Teel, Ed or Charles for a small donation to offset costs of this group.  See message board for the info, the Pages section has a Paypal link.



(The legal disclaimer stuff: the Meetup group is primarily a bulletin board for communicating with other motorcyclists and does not screen members.  By joining and being a member, you understand and agree that you are solely responsible for your own safety when meeting up with other people as well as complying with all licensing, insurance or other legal requirements of riding a motorcycle.  You also release it's Organizers and Sponsors from any and all claims, demands, damages, or liabilities arising from injury or property damage as the result of participating in any riding activity.  Always ride within your ability and limits.  This Meetup group is not to be used to participate, solicit or communicate in any illegal activities).


The FAQ's answered: This is an open group, riders of all experience levels and bikes are welcome to join. There is currently no leadership committee or regular meetings. Members can post items of interest on the Discussion Pages.




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