Fellowship of Community Singers

Group Description

In high school or college, you could join a choir. But now what?

You miss the pleasure of gathering with friends and singing just for the fun of it. That's why we are inviting you to join us as we rediscover a lost American art form called community singing. A hundred years ago, it was common for people of every neighborhood to gather together and sing. Singing with your neighbors is healthy for you and is healthy for building community. Knowing how to build relationships for community is another lost art in America.

FCS is not a choir and you don't even have to be a great singer. You only have to be fun to sing with. This FELLOWSHIP aims to encourage you to reclaim your capacity to create community and music through the sheer enjoyment of singing with others. We imagine that all of life can be a musical. And we believe EVERYONE should enjoy the privilege of singing.

What would happen in Austin if we all learned to sing together and inspire one another through making music together?

We sing a cappella Hymns and Sacred music in SATB harmony and aim tolearn about 4 songs per month.You must be able to sing your part as a soprano, alto, tenor, or bass.

Singing practices are regularly held on Sundays at 6:30pm. No audition or commitments are required unless you want to be a section leader. If you are creative and have talents in music, theater or improvisation that's a serious contribution to the fun and imaginative spirit of our group.If you are interested in being a section leader, contact Matson Duncan.

Will you have an opportunity to perform the songs you learn at FCS? The answer is NO. In the true spirit of community singing, we choose not to perform for spectators. Instead, we sing with each other and ultimately make room for any spectator to participate. Weseek to reclaim the simple joy of singing collectively and spontaneously (and without instruments) within the context of a vibrant community.

To hear an essay by Brian Eno on NPR regarding the value of community singing, click here.

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