Austin's lgbtqa "family" playdate group

Group Description

I believe the Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans, Queer, and Ally(LGBTQA) population has a large need for a more active parenting group in the Austin Area. We need a group that is inclusive of our families and that includes our strong allies and their families.As LGBTQA people whohave or hope to have children, both older and younger, we need to socialize and make friends with not only our straight allies but also to have other "family" friends. We need to involve the people around us, our allies, our community and our children.

This group is inclusive of all parents but all must be tolerant of all parents because...

I want my child to grow and know families of all types. I want him to know other children his own age and I want him to see how important friendship and community are to us.

The purpose of this group is to meet, to interact, to experience and to make memories. It doesnt matter if youre shy, new to Austin, been here forever, have tons of friends or have no friends or are simply looking for more activities, this group is inclusive and pretty excited youre even considering us.

I want to have regular events (like park playdates), and special occasion events too (like Queer Bomb/Pride). I believe its important to get out there, especially in a large city, to explore everything it has to offer. This is a group that you and your partner can both be a part of and enjoy! If youre a single parent, awesome, join and meet other families and single parents just like you! You are equally welcomed!

The possibilities are endless.

All this group needs is active members that want to log into the site, attend meet-ups and make "family" friends.Life does get busy, so you may not be able to attend as often as you would like....that is okay!Making memories and sharing experiences is a very important aspect of parenting! This group can help you by finding the fun spots for you, and to have other families to share those experiences with when you can make it...whether that is twice a year or every month!

I will do all I can to plan mostly free events...or very low cost events because it is important to me to be as inclusive as possible.

I am excited to meet you at a meet up soon if you decide to request a membership with us!


Amber Baldwin

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