DRUM for GOOD! Community Rhythm Circle

Group Description

These Rhythm Circles are organized by the ComeDrumForFun (CDFF) community - a vibrant community of hand drummers in south & north Austin.  Comfortable inside space is graciously provided by sponsors who like our mission of "Drumming For GOOD."  You can read more about CDFF here:  http://www.comedrumforfun.com

WHAT HAPPENS IN A RHYTHM CIRCLE?  We'll sit around in a large circle and our facilitator will ease us into a rhythmic groove, and occasionally highlight the different sounds from the various percussion instruments.  There might be some fun call & response routines, and sometimes the rhythm is slow and easy-going, and sometimes it might be loud and fast...it might stop with a big loud bang, or it might fade away sweetly amid chimes, bells and twinkly sounds...you never know where it's going to go....

THE INTENTION is to create a space for rhythmic play and community and to create some nice jams where all instruments are given a voice.  Rather than a space for individual skills to shine, it is a time for a collective creation where everyone has a musical role.   Those who want to drum loud and fast should probably find another venue.

FREQUENCY?  At this point our goal is four big gatherings this year, assuming that appropriate spaces become available.  There may be more...there may be fewer....

DRUM FOR GOOD?  YES!  There is a fundraising element to these gatherings - Suggested donation of $5/adult & $3/child - and ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to GROWING ROOTS - a wonderful local non-profit organization that empowers families of special needs children through free hands-on information, resources and support.  Please read more about this organization here: http://growingrootsaustin.com/

DON'T HAVE A PERCUSSION INSTRUMENT?   No problem!  There will be lots of hand drums and other percussion toys.  These instruments are not for sale.  In fact, there is no commercial element to these gatherings, whatsover.  Well, except for cookies, of course (read on!).  

THE COOKIE ANGLE!  AH YES!  We'll break from our jam for 15 min or so to rest.  Homemade cookies and bottled water will be on sale for cheap.  All proceeds from these sales will also go to Growing Roots.  We'll visit and munch for a while, and then go back to our rhythm making!   

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