Steiner Moms & Tots Meetup

Group Description

This is a group for all of you Steiner Ranch moms looking to find friendship, fun, support & sanity close to home! Membership is open to all mothers (or primary caregivers) with children in middle-school or younger.

Steiner Moms Meetup will schedule kid-friendly and mom-focused events at different times and locations. While a large portion of the events will focus on moms and children ages 5 and under, we will offer opportunities for any interested moms to join and enjoy. Ultimately, this is your group, so we will work hard to provide events that fit your life and schedule! So, share your suggestions and if you're interested, sign up to be an event organizer or offer to be an event host.
Because convenience is often key with the kiddos, we want to limit this group to moms living in Steiner Ranch or within a 5 mile radius of it.

NANNY/PROVIDER POLICY: Since we are primarily a "mom's" group, we have to limit the events that non-moms attend in order to keep all members comfortable. We have nannies and dads that bring the kids to public outings like park playdates, the Children's Museum and family outings. However, we ask that non-mamas (like dads, nannies or family members) not RSVP to events held in a more private location, like someone's home, to keep all members comfortable, due to us being a mom's group. Please contact a group organizer if you have any questions on this policy.

If you are ready for a little fun with your fellow Steiner moms, please join us!

If you do not know that you will be able to attend an event, please put your RSVP as a "no" or wait to sign up until you are certain about your plans. If you have to change your plans that you have already RSVP'd for, please do so AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE (over48 hours in advance). If you need to cancel within48 hours of an event, you must CONTACT THE EVENT HOST DIRECTLY BY TELEPHONE OR TEXT MESSAGE. We will include our phone numbers in all event details.

Event hosts are taking attendance at all Meetup events. Anyone RSVP'ing "yes" but following the48 hour policy will be marked as a "didn't attend" on the attendance history. But if you do not update your RSVP prior to48 hours ahead of time and fail to call the host, you will be recorded as a "no show". Once a member has 3 recorded "no shows", they will be put on a 6 month group probation. After the probation, if any "no shows" are recorded for that member they will be removed from the group permanently.

Events with fees: You are responsible for event fees if you cancel within24 hours of your scheduled event start time. You will not be able to register for another event until this fee is paid off. If your cancellation is due to an illness, you must contact the event leader by phone during this24 hour window to avoid paying the event fee.

We have created a group Facebook page for the moms & tots group as well. You can find and join the page at:!/groups/120904994648648/

Meetup will continue to be our primary event resource, but this is a good tool for people to use for general happenings around town, events that are thrown together under 24 hours (ex: pool dates, park gatherings) and discussions on topics of your choice. Please join if you are interested!

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!