MOMS Club of Austin, North-Central

Group Description

MOMS Club ® of Austin, North-Central, TX is a local chapter the international non-profit organization MOMS Offering Moms Support ® (or International MOMS Club ®). Our chapter is home to mothers whose mailing addresses fall within these geographic boundaries: east of Highway 183, north of Highway 290, west of Parmer Lane to the railroad tracks near the intersection of 620 and Parmer Lane, south and west of Angus Road & Howard Lane/Wells Branch.

International MOMS Club ® has over 2,000 chapters and 100,000 members worldwide and is the largest support group for women in the world. The group was created to help moms connect with each other. (Please take the numbers on the RSVP's with a grain of salt - most of our members aren't registered on Meetup).

Locally, we are a diverse group of down-to-earth, friendly moms with kids ranging from newborn to school-age. We are moms who stay home full-time, and moms who work full and part-time jobs outside the home, and we have moms of all ages.

MOMS Club ® is an easy way to meet other mothers, and for our children to make friends with other kids. You may attend as many or as few events as you like. Here are some things that our group offers:

• MOMS Night Out®
• Family Night Out
• Charity Events
• Kids Day Out (children’s activities such as field trips to the fire station or the pumpkin patch, park days, story times, tea parties, trips to the pool, and more)
•Holiday Parties
• Playgroups for infants thru school age

Please contact us using the link for more information. We’d love to have you join us!

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