Bee Cave/ Lakeway Mamas!

Group Description

Welcome to the Bee Cave/ Lakeway Mamas. Membership is currently open to all those residing in the LTISD area. This is a fun, supportive, and active group open to moms with small children ; infants/ waddlers/ toddlers/ and preschoolers that meet for play dates, field trips, lunches, coffee, parks, and so much more! We are more than just a playgroup, we are a group of women creating lasting friendships for ourselves as well as for our children. As we are very active, we require all new members to participate within the first two weeks of joining and all members at least once every month to retain membership, and offer activities almost daily to do so. Come hang out with us!

All members have access to post and host events on our calendar and are strongly encouraged to do so.

Facebook Group

In addition to our main Meetup page, Bee Cave/Lakeway Mamas has a Facebook group that we use for discussions, asking questions, posting photos, etc. Once you have been accepted as a member of the group, you can go to and request to join.

***NOTE*** Please make sure that we will be able to match your Facebook profile with your profile using more than just your first name; only mamas that are recognizable as members of the BCLM Meetup group will me admitted to the Facebook group.

Becoming a part of the Facebook is completely optional; all events will be posted on the main Meetup site. The BCLM Facebook group is "closed." This means that, although anyone on Facebook can see that the group exists and see who are members of it, ONLY approved members will be able to see anything that is posted within the group. Nothing that you post or comment on within the group page will show up on your personal timeline or on the newsfeed of any non-member. ONLY active members of the Bee Cave/Lakeway Mamas Meetup group will be admitted to the Facebook group. If you leave the Meetup group for any reason, you will also be removed from the Facebook group. The Bee Cave/Lakeway Mamas "No Drama" policy applies to all activity within the Facebook group. Let's make this another fun, supportive way to keep in touch!

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!