The Austin Yorkshire Terrier Meetup Group

Group Description

Hi and Welcome to Austin Yorkie Meetup!

We are a fun group of yorkie owners who care about our furry ones being socialized and playing well with others. I am Belinda Mendoza, Organizer for the group and I set up this meetup in Fall 2008 after I lost my beloved 5lb. yorkie Bella Luna earlier that year... tragically. I wanted to do something special to honor her. I now have two wonderful new pets named Bodhi and Gracie Bell, who get to benefit. I have recently written a book called, "Feng Shui For The Loss of a Pet, Restoring Balance During Grief and Loss, A Personal Journey". It is available at meetups, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Balboa Press websites. If you purchase one at the meetups, 20% of the proceeds go to our group. I have a Facebook Page, Austin Feng Shui For The Loss of a Pet, and would appreciate itif you would LIKE it. You can post a photo of your beloved pet who may have passed and any story about him/her. I also post activities related to healing loss. Watch my Television Interview:

Our Mission:

To foster healthy and happy yorkies by having them socialize with their own kind. Offer educational resources and support for the breed and its owners. Offer networking and promotional opportunities for yorkie owners within the group.

*We do not allow breeders to join if the only reason is to sell puppies or find suitable studs or females. We promote rescuing not breeding. If you own a yorkie and want to socialize it and have another one you want to find a home for and a yorkie member buys from you, we ask for a 20% donation to our group. If you are not a breeder and join our group because you are looking to mate your dog, the same rule applies. You will not be allowed unless you have your own yorkie you are bringing to the meetups for socialization.

When and where we meet:

We meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month unless otherwise notified. These notifications are given in advance. We meet in member's backyards in many parts of Austin and even Round Rock. Our members graciously offer their spaces. If we meet at a park, it is enclosed and one that is specifically for small dogs. Safety is our first concern so all areas are fenced in. If it is too cold or too hot outside, we meet inside at dog facilities. You see see some of our sponsors on the homepage. We are always looking for and needing spaces to meet so love suggestions.

We meet from 2pm to 4pm normally unless its an event and the time will be extended. These are always posted on the site.

We are a yorkie meetup. Yorkies and silkies are welcome. If you have a yorkie mix, a small dog meetup is a better option for you. If you are a member with a yorkie and have another pet in your family and would like to bring it to the meetup and it is not a yorkie, it must not weigh more than 10 lbs. This only applies to current members not visitors. No yorkie puppies are allowed until 6 months of age for health reasons.

We highly recommend your pups have all their shots (esp. rabies, distemper, and parvo). While we do not do checks, you bring them at your own risk if they are not up to date. We cannot be responsible.

I am in agreement with Cesar Milan, dog trainer/expert, that you spay and neuter your pets. Current statistics show that in the US alone, over 4 million dogs a year are euthanized. If you want another pet to add to your family, consider the many wonderful yorkie rescue groups in Austin like Chris's Rescue Angels, Small Chance Rescue and Li'l Paws Rescue. They call can be found on the Internet.

Our members bring their pups clean and well-groomed to the meetups.

Please leave your pet home if it is sick on meetup day. If it comes to a meetup and gets sick, please take it home immediately as it needs care.

Keep pets on a leash when first arriving if aggressive. Allow it to settle down before letting it loose among the other yorkies.We have a nice stable group and are often complimented on how well behaved our group of yorkies are. If your yorkie is aggressive or shy, it needs to come to the meetups. This is how they learn to socialize and get along. We have trainers either at our meetups or as speakers who can help with dogbehavior issues. Don't be embarrassed if your yorkie is not well behaved, it has to start somewhere. Our yorkies have come to recognize each other and look forward to seeing their furry friends.

Each meetup is $5.00 per dog unless you are a member (see dues below). If you want to become a full member and post on our website, host your own meetups, schedule playdates with other members, exchange yorkie sitting, and more, our annual member dues are only $25.00 (less than $2.00 a meetup). Your dues go to pay for our meetup website, activities, speakers, and support local yorkie rescues.

Dues per year:

$25.00 -one dog

$30.00 -2 dogs

$35.00 -3 dogs

$40.00- 4 to 5 dogs

$5.00 for each additional yorkie or family member you bring. If you choose to only bring some occassionally, you can pay $5.00 on meetup day for each one you bring over your basic membership.

You can pay right on our site or at our meetups. Dues are for one full calendar year.

What to Bring to Meetups:

While we do our best to provide these, it is not always possible. Keep these things in your car just in case.

Poop bags for your pet. You are responsible at meetups to watch your pet and pick up after it by disposing of waste. We like to leave the space we visit as clean as when we arrived.

Water, food, treats

Folding chair

Camera. We love candid photos of the meetups and the yorkies. You can upload them yourself to our site.

Recycling at Meetups:

Any unused yorkie clothes, leashes, toys, fresh food, treats, etc. We have a recycle box at all meetups. Members can pick from the box or we donate to humane society at end of quarter.

Member Perks, Contact me if:

You own a business and want to promote your services, offer to sponsor a meetup by bringing refreshments or goodies for the pups and owners or donate your services to the group.

You want to promote services at our meetup with a display table.

You want to teach a class to the group and have it posted on our site.

You want to write an article or posts tips that our members can benefit and get you some PR.

*The meetup is also for yorkie owners to network, make friends, and socialize.

As your Organizer, I am always available to you at meetups our outside if you have any questions, comments, or needs. 512/740-1251 (my cell).

Here is a great short video on Yorkies you might like to watch.

Thank you for visiting our site and hope to see you and your yorkie at a meetup soon! Please LIKE our Facebook page so you receive info. I do not always post on the site. Be sure to update your profile with a pic of you and your pup(s) so we get to recognize you with your name at meetups. Upload any photos. See you soon!


Belinda Mendoza

Professional Feng Shui Consultant, Designer, Decorator

Redesigns, Staging, Decorating, and Feng Shui Services

CEO and Founder of Design For Energy

Big Sister Mentor

and Austin Yorkie Meetup Founder and Organizer

with co-hosts, Bodhi and Gracie Bell (yorkies)

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