Austin Djun Djun Women Drum Meetup

Group Description

Djuns, (also called Dununs,Duns, Djun Djuns, or Dun Duns) are beautiful wooden West African Drums that are played with sticks. There are often seen where Djembes are being played. They're such fun to play! I play Djuns and Djembe and each both, and simply love to see women get the hang of it...learning simple patterns and then putting them together to create beautiful rhythms!


Do you love the sound of tribal sort of drums and want to get your hands on some?maybe you've seen others rock out on these lovely drums and want a "safe" place to give them a try...then come join us!

Do youalready love playing the Djuns, and maybe not getting enough playing or performance time...c'mon down...let's have some fun!

Ideally, we would be a small group of women at different skill levels. We could get together every week, or couple of weeks to learn/practice a few traditional West African Rhythms and arrangements on the Djuns.


Djuns will be provided in a private home studio. Nice space with many drums. Membership is limited, but if there is enough interest group might be split into two meetup times.


Please note: This is NOT a "Drum Circle." There are various GREAT drum circles around Austin (check out Austin Community Drum Circle Meetup) where hand drummers of all kinds get together and jam. THIS Meetup ismeant to be an opportunity for a small group of women who either want to learn how to play the Djuns, or already love the Djuns and want more playing time.

There is a nominal charge of $5/meetup covers the use of the drums and the space.

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