Austin Bulldog Meetup

Group Description

A meetup group designed for all bulldog breeds, their families and their friends of the bulldog who just want to play!

PLEASE NOTE: This group was made to bring all bulldog lovers together so our dogs can play together. This group is NOT to be used as a network for breeders. The advertisement of breeding, studding or selling of dogs on the Facebook group or the group will be removed immediately.

If your dog is not neutered or spayed... personally as a bulldog mom who has two spayed dogs, I would highly encourage you to alter your dog. HOWEVER with that said, I do understand we all have different stand points on this and I can't make you nor would I make you alter your dog. Just please understand that some of the venues we do use, do not allow unaltered dogs. Be prepared!

All dogs must be current on vaccinations. We are trusting you with this. We all want healthy, safe bullies.

If you believe your dog will become aggressive or if you notice aggressive behavior, please restrain your dog or you will be asked to leave. Please note this goes for humans as well! We just can't put you on a leash.

All dues are OPTIONAL. You do not have to pay them. If you do, it goes towards the cost of indoor venues during the warm Texas months. If we do not use an indoor venue, the dues will then be donated at the end of the year to Austin Bully Butts Rescue and Short Mugs Rescue Squad.

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Austin Bully Butt Rescue (ABBR)

Short Mugs Rescue Squad

Austin French Bulldog Play Group

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