Austin Cattle Dog Club

Group Description

Austin Cattle Dog Club is for current and prospective owners of Australian Cattle Dogs in Austin, Texas, surrounding area.

Join us to have fun, socialize, share experiences, promote the breed, and educate current and prospective owners of this amazing dog called The Australian Cattle Dog.<br>

We ask that discussions are kept civil and respectable. Please respect the choices and practices of other owners here. Your opinions are welcome, but they may not be shared by others. Please respect each others individuality.

We would like this to be a family oriented group, so please do not use any profanity, or post pictures that may be questionable.

We encourage adoption and fostering of the many ACDs that are in facilities across the state of Texas and support Texas Cattle Dog Rescue.

Please limit your shares to rescues in the state of Texas, or bordering states. Shares will be limited to the ACD breed only. Please do not post "ACD mix" dogs who are obviously not ACDs.

We support ethical breeding that maintains the integrity of the breed and follows the breed standard as specified by the AKC, and The Australian Cattle Dog Club Of America.

Breeders are welcome to join the group, but we ask that you limit your posts of available dogs, and to not take advantage of this group for your profit.

We welcome input.<br>

Please message administration for any questions, concerns or ideas regarding this group.

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